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"""Implementation of ISesNework in Python, via"""
import sys
sys.coinit_flags = 0 # pythoncom.COINIT_MULTITHREADED required for being able to C-c and quit
import pythoncom
from win32com.server.policy import DesignatedWrapPolicy
from win32com.client import Dispatch
## from EventSys.h
PROGID_EventSystem = "EventSystem.EventSystem"
PROGID_EventSubscription = "EventSystem.EventSubscription"
# sens values for the events, this events contain the uuid of the
# event, the name of the event to be used as well as the method name
# of the method in the ISesNetwork interface that will be executed for
# the event.
# This callback doesn't fire correctly when you're already connected to something... but if you connect twice to AirBears you should be shot
# SUBSCRIPTION_NETALIVE = ('{cd1dcbd6-a14d-4823-a0d2-8473afde360f}',
# 'UbuntuOne Network Alive',
# 'ConnectionMade')
SUBSCRIPTION_NETALIVE_NOQOC = ('{a82f0e80-1305-400c-ba56-375ae04264a1}',
'AirBears Checker Network Alive NoQOC',
SENSGUID_EVENTCLASS_NETWORK = '{d5978620-5b9f-11d1-8dd2-00aa004abd5e}'
SENSGUID_PUBLISHER = "{5fee1bd6-5b9b-11d1-8dd2-00aa004abd5e}"
# uuid of the implemented com interface
IID_ISesNetwork = '{d597bab1-5b9f-11d1-8dd2-00aa004abd5e}'
class NetworkStatus(DesignatedWrapPolicy):
"""Implement ISesNetwork to know about the network status."""
_com_interfaces_ = [IID_ISesNetwork]
_public_methods_ = ['ConnectionMadeNoQOCInfo']
_reg_clsid_ = '{F694E148-DF2E-469B-A463-6E4B9D6918D7}'
_reg_progid_ = "AirbearsAutoAuthenticator"
def __init__(self, connected_cb):
self.connected_cb = connected_cb
# self.disconnected_cb = disconnected_cb
# def ConnectionMade(self, *args):
# """Tell that the connection is up again."""
#'Connection was made.')
# print args
# self.connected_cb()
def ConnectionMadeNoQOCInfo(self, *args):
"""Tell that the connection is up again."""
#'Connection was made no info.')
# print "Connection was made"
# print args
# def ConnectionLost(self, *args):
# """Tell the connection was lost."""
#'Connection was lost.')
# self.disconnected_cb()
def register(self):
"""Register to listen to network events."""
# call the CoInitialize to allow the registration to run in an other
# thread
# interface to be used by com
manager_interface = pythoncom.WrapObject(self)
event_system = Dispatch(PROGID_EventSystem)
# register to listent to each of the events to make sure that
# the code will work on all platforms.
for current_event in SUBSCRIPTIONS:
# create an event subscription and add it to the event
# service
event_subscription = Dispatch(PROGID_EventSubscription)
event_subscription.EventClassId = SENSGUID_EVENTCLASS_NETWORK
event_subscription.PublisherID = SENSGUID_PUBLISHER
event_subscription.SubscriptionID = current_event[0]
event_subscription.SubscriptionName = current_event[1]
event_subscription.MethodName = current_event[2]
event_subscription.SubscriberInterface = manager_interface
event_subscription.PerUser = True
# store the event
except pythoncom.com_error as e:
'Error registering to event %s', current_event[1])
if __name__ == '__main__':
from threading import Thread
def connected():
print 'Connected'
status = NetworkStatus(connected)#, disconnected)
p = Thread(target=manager.register)
# status.register()
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