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Citrus Readme

Citrus is a package for identifying clusters of cells in multidimensional flow cytometry data associated with an experimental or clincal endpoint of interest.

Getting Started

Version History

Version 0.08
- Completely refactored codebase that is hopefully much more intuitive.
- Documentation added.
Version 0.07
- Multiclass analysis available for SAM and Nearest Shrunken Centroid models
- Small GUI enhancements
Version 0.06
- Changed feature names
- Many new graphical outputs for result visualization
Version 0.05
- Adding support for SAM (two-class only)
Version 0.04
- Adding support for Survival analysis (glmnet model only)
Version 0.03
- Switching to ggplot2 and adding feature heiarachy plots
Version 0.02
- Now includes shiny web GUI for running citrus
Version 0.01
- Initial Citrus Test Code
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