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The Single Cell Debarcoder is available as a standalone application for Mac OSX and 64-bit Windows. For instructions about installation and deployment of the Single Cell Debarcoder, see the wiki .

This release uses the refactored code, updates the rescaling of the barcode intensities, and fixes a bug that prevented some FCS files with long headers from being loaded.

For more information, see the article in Nature Protocols.

Zunder ER, Finck R, Behbehani GK, Amir ED, Krishnawamy S, Gonzalez VD, Lorang CG, Bjornson ZB, Spitzer MH, Bodenmiller B, Fantl WJ, Pe’er D, Nolan GP. Palladium-based Mass-Tag Cell Barcoding with a Doublet-Filtering Scheme and Single Cell Deconvolution Algorithm. Nature Protocols 10, 316–333 (2015).

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