@nolanlawson nolanlawson released this Dec 3, 2018 · 86 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Note to NVDA users: This release may crash NVDA due to long ARIA labels (#702). Until the NVDA bug is fixed, please go the settings and enable the option: "Use short article ARIA labels".


  • feat(design): add custom scrollbars for each theme #685
  • feat(ui): add option to always show sensitive media #709
  • feat(settings): add theme settings to general #706
  • fix(a11y): improved aria-label for status and notifications #690
  • feat(a11y): add option for short article aria labels #705
  • feat(scrollbars): add option to disable scrollbars, fix macOS style #701


  • fix(scrolling): fix body scrollable when modal is open #681
  • fix(emoji): fix ™® characters treated as emoji #682
  • fix(iOS): fix horizontal scroll, use fake sticky button on iOS #711
  • fix(design): use dark compose button halo on dark themes #714
  • fix(a11y): decrease brightness of hacker theme #712
  • fix(a11y): default "prefers reduced motion" to OS/browser default #696

Full changelog: v0.11.1...v0.12.0