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@nolanlawson nolanlawson released this Oct 9, 2019 · 29 commits to master since this release


New features

New keyboard shortcuts

You can now press the left/right keys to change columns. In the hotkey settings, you can also make it so that the left/right keys tab through the focusable elements instead (similar to Tab and Ctrl-Tab).

Also, you can now press "7" to bring up the "compose toot" modal dialog anywhere in the app. (It's 7 because 1-6 are mapped to the nav bar buttons.)

  • feat: press "7" to open compose modal #1507
  • feat: left/right keys can change columns or focus #1516

Bugfixes and improvements

iOS improvements

There have been a lot of iOS bugfixes in this release, especially related to the recent release of iOS 13.

In particular, videos should now work consistently, and you should be able to upload images, videos, or audio files on either iOS 12 or 13.

Special thanks to @sgenoud for help with the video fix!

  • fix: remove iOS sticky workaround #1556
  • fix: Return a synthetic response for range requests #1555
  • fix: fix uploading photos on iOS 13 #1550
  • fix: fix video on iOS Safari #1537
  • fix: attempt to fix Safari login bug #1510

Accessibility improvements

Various accessibility fixes have been made:

  • Screenreader accessibility of the autosuggest dropdown has been improved
  • Focus styles have been made more consistent
  • The "reduce motion" setting now disables the animation on the nav bar
  • The navbar the hotkey help dialog is now keyboard-scrollable
  • Redundant elements have been removed from the tab focus order
  • The "sensitive media" button now correctly returns focus when clicked and doesn't allow hidden elements to be focused


  • fix: remove aria-live region for autosuggest #1520
  • fix: return focus to sensitive media button #1535
  • fix: Add "unfavorite/unboost" label #1540 (thanks @chexxor!)
  • fix: apply focus-fix to account profile name #1536
  • fix: more focus style fixes for small devices #1532
  • fix: improve focus styles #1526
  • fix: remove relative timestamp from tab focus order #1534
  • fix: improve nav button focus appearance #1518
  • fix: remove focus-after class on nav items #1514
  • fix: fix shortcut help dialog not keyboard-scrollable #1508
  • fix: reduce motion disables nav indicator animation #1523
  • fix: don't set aria-activedescendant immediately on autocomplete textarea #1513

Search fixes on Mastodon v3

Mastodon v3 changed the way the search API works, which caused Pinafore's search feature not to work. This is now fixed.

  • fix: fix search on Mastodon v3 #1541

Other fixes

  • fix: fix fade in animation on compose button #1557
  • perf: lazy-load computations #1538
  • fix: hotkeys work with caps lock on #1531
  • fix: improve styles on poll form #1525
  • fix: fix nav animation for notifications/mentions #1515
  • fix: fix pleroma hashtag links #1511

Ongoing: KaiOS app development

In this release I spent some time trying to make Pinfore work well on KaiOS devices. I wrote up some of my findings in this post.

KaiOS support is still blocked on getting login to work and on uploading to the KaiStore, but working on KaiOS has incidentally led to a lot of accessibility and small-screen improvements!

  • fix: small kaios tweak for infinite scroll #1549
  • feat: add KaiOS manifest file #1528
  • fix: improve autosuggest styles on small screens #1529
  • fix: more CSS tweaks for very small screens #1527
  • fix: more fixes for tiny screen sizes #1509
  • fix: improve style on very small mobile screens #1505
  • fix: improve nav height on tiny screens, use variables #1503
  • feat: add legacy build #1502

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