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@nolanlawson nolanlawson released this Mar 16, 2019 · 43 commits to master since this release


New features

There is a new dark theme called "Mastodon" designed to look like the Mastodon frontend. Thanks @jeroenpraat!

  • feat: Plus theme with Mastodon standard web-app colors (called mastodon) #1090

Bug fixes

Pinafore now properly supports Pleroma "snowflake" IDs. Thanks @uiri!

  • test: better idb migration test #1080
  • fix: fix pleroma snowflake IDs for real #1084
  • fix: Fix reversed base62 encoding #1083
  • test: add IndexedDB tests #1075
  • fix: use correct sorting for snowflake IDs #1074

Pinafore has a new version of emoji-mart (the emoji picker), with better accessibility and some bugfixes.

  • chore: update to emoji-mart 2.10.0 #1097
  • chore: update emoji-mart again for more testing #1095
  • chore: update to latest emoji-mart #1091
  • chore: Update emoji-regex to the latest version 🚀 #1079

Pinafore now has a privacy policy that explicitly states that it does not collect any personal information.

  • fix: add a privacy policy #1078

Performance improvements

The Docker build is now much smaller (1G -> 189M). Thanks @stanclai!

  • perf: Reduce docker image #1064
  • Clean yarn cache during docker image build phase #1073
  • perf: reduce install size using yarn --production #1066

Pinafore itself is a bit smaller (911.66kB -> 878.28kB total JS size) and faster to build (by ~15s) due to using Preact instead of Inferno and some other fixes:

  • perf: remove stats.json from webpack #1098
  • perf: switch from inferno to preact, use emoji-mart prerelease #1094
  • perf: build url regex in advance #1069
  • perf: reduce size of ShortcutHelpInfo.html #1068
  • perf: use a separate icons.svg file #1067

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