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@nolanlawson nolanlawson released this Jun 2, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release


New features

Wellness settings

Social media is great. But it can also cause anxiety, feelings of isolation, and addiction. The new "wellness" settings contain some tools you can use to have more control over your social media experience.

Go to Settings → Wellness to try these settings out:

  • Hide follower counts (capped at 10)
  • Hide boost counts
  • Hide favorite counts
  • Hide unread notifications count (i.e. the red dot)
  • Grayscale mode (automatically adjusts to dark grayscale in supported browsers)

You can also remove boosts from the Home timeline, or filter notifications by type (e.g. removing boost/fav/follow notifications) in the instance settings.

Everyone's experience with social media is different, so some of these features may work for you, whereas others might not. But the tools are now at your disposal!

  • feat: implement wellness settings #1256
  • fix: fix disableNotificationsBadge aria-label #1260
  • fix: fix grayscale in firefox #1261

Grayscale themes

In addition to the full-on "grayscale mode" in the Welness Settings, there are two new themes: Grayscale and Dark Grayscale.

Note that these themes just change the look-and-feel of the app; they don't turn all images or emoji to grayscale as the "grayscale mode" does.

Option to disable infinite scroll

Some users, especially keyboard and screenreader users, may prefer not to have new statuses load at the top or bottom of the timeline. With this option (available at Settings → General), you can disable infinite scroll entirely. Instead, you press "show more" buttons at the top or the bottom of the timeline.

This may be especially helpful for keyboard users who have trouble reaching the "reload" button in the toast that appears at the bottom of the screen. Fixed footers don't mix very well with infinite scroll, but now you can simply disable infinite scroll entirely.

  • feat: add option to disable infinite scroll #1253


More reliable "reload" button

The "reload" button that pops up when a new version of the app is available has become a bit flaky in Chrome due to a change in their Service Worker implementation. This has been fixed.

For v1.9.0 you may find that you still need to reload twice in order to get the update, but future updates should come immediately when you press "reload."

  • fix: fix service worker for real #1258

Other bugfixes and perf improvements

Unescaped HTML like   should no longer appear in card titles and descriptions. The "show more" button should correctly reflect the filtered count rather than the raw count. There are also some perf and design improvements.

  • perf: don't interate through all of localStorage in inline script #1264
  • perf: lazy-load the ComposeBox #1262
  • fix: fix compose toolbar on iphone 4 again #1259
  • fix: fix "Show more" button in Notifications timeline when filtered #1255
  • fix: fix compose button toolbar style on small devices #1254
  • fix: unescape html in card titles/descriptions #1252

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