BTCMarkets Ruby Gem for querying Market API data (Trading coming soon)
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BTC Markets Ruby Gem

Gem Version

About / Why

Decided its time to create a ruby interface for the API.

Currently it only supports querying data. API may change if we support trading.


# Assuming you are installing 0.0.1
gem build nl-btcmarkets.gemspec
gem install nl-btcmarkets-0.0.1.gem


gem install nl-btcmarkets

Or add the following to your Gemfile

source ''

gem 'httparty'
gem 'nl-btcmarkets'


Environment Variables

The following environment variables need to be set up

  • btcm_access_key
  • btcm_access_secret

Sample Code

require 'nl-btcmarkets'

b =
puts b.get_market_BTC_AUD_tick # Get the spot quote
puts b.get_market_BTC_AUD_orderbook # Get orderbook
puts b.get_account_balance # Get account balance
puts b.post_order_open( {"currency":"AUD","instrument":"BTC","limit":10,"since":0})

Get Account Balance if not 0

require 'nl-btcmarkets'
require 'json'
b =
  if bal['balance'] > 0 then
    if bal['currency'] == 'AUD' or bal['currency'] == 'USD'
      puts "Balance: #{bal['currency']}$#{(bal['balance'].to_f / 100000000).to_s} / Trading Balance: #{bal['currency']}$#{(bal['pendingFunds'].to_f / 100000000).to_s}"


  • This is an early stage pre-release. Use at your own risk.
  • Pull Requests are appreciated