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Change Log

Swiper 4.4.2 - Released on November 1, 2018

  • New touchStartForcePreventDefault parameter to force touch start event prevent default
  • Breakpoints fix when breakpoint keys are strings
  • Fixed issue when draggable scrollbar may not work on desktop Safari
  • Fixed issue with wrong sort of Virtual Slides
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.4.1 - Released on September 14, 2018

  • Fixed issue with preventing touchstart event

Swiper 4.4.0 - Released on September 14, 2018

  • Core
    • New centerInsufficientSlides parameter to center slides if the amount of slides less than slidesPerView
    • New breakpointsInverse parameter (boolean), if enabled then it will count breakpoints in reversed direction, e.g. will override parameters if window width is more than specified breakpoint
  • Virtual Slides
    • New addSlidesBefore and addSlidesAfter parameters to increase amount of pre-rendered slides
  • Thumbs
    • All new "Thumbs" module/component designed to control slider thumbnails, in more logical and correct way than with Controller module.
  • Lots of minor fixes

Swiper 4.3.5 - Released on July 31, 2018

  • Core
    • iOSEdgeSwipeThreshold parameter renamed to just edgeSwipeThreshold. Old iOSEdgeSwipeThreshold name is still supported
    • Improved observer performance if there are many mutations at a time. Thanks to @rayvincent-bsd
  • Controller
    • Fixed issue with wrong auto height resizing
  • Scrollbar
    • Fixed issue when it was using active event listeners instead of passive. Thanks to @nyon
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.3.3 - Released on June 5, 2018

  • Core
    • Fixed issue when slidePrev goes to wrong slide #2650
    • Fixed issue when roundLength was not considered for grids calculation #2656
    • Fixed typo in API #2659

Swiper 4.3.2 - Released on June 1, 2018

  • Core
    • Added addSlide(index, slide) method to add slide at required position. Thanks to @kochizufan
    • Fixed issue with loop #2647. Thanks to @kochizufan
  • Pagination
    • New formatFractionCurrent(number) parameter to format current number in Fraction pagination
    • New formatFractionTotal(number) parameter to format total number in Fraction pagination
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.3.0 - Released on May 27, 2018

  • Core
    • Fixed issue when swipeBack sometimes slides to wrong slide
    • Fixed issue when window resizing can break Coverflow effect layout
    • Fixed issue with wrong detection of iOSEdgeSwipeDetection. Thanks to @langjun
  • Dom7 update to latest v2.0.6:
    • Fixed issue with remove event listeners when they was not added
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.2.6 - Released on May 1, 2018

  • console.log cleanup

Swiper 4.2.5 - Released on April 29, 2018

  • Core
    • Prevent apply grab cursor when swiper is locked
    • Fixed breakpoint with loop getting wrong realIndex when on init
    • Fixed "transformed" slides sizes calculation that could cause issues in with Coverflow effect
  • Autoplay
    • Fixed issue that can cause memory leak
  • Dom7 update to latest *Imporved internal events proxies logic for better memory management
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.2.2 - Released on April 1, 2018

  • Core
    • Respect and update breakpoints when calling Swiper's .update() method
  • Pagination
    • New progressbarOpposite parameter to make pagination progressbar opposite to direction parameter, means vertical progressbar for horizontal swiper direction and horizontal progressbar for vertical swiper direction
  • Mousewheel
    • Fixed issue in loop + freeMode for loop not being set correctly
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.2.0 - Released on March 16, 2018

  • Core
    • swiper.updateAutoHeight(speed) now supports speed parameter to resize swiper wrapper with duration
    • Fixed issues in free mode with freeModeSticky not being able to snap to closest snap point
    • New swiper.slideToClosest() method to slide to closest snap point when it is somewhere in between
  • A11y (Accessibility)
    • It is now enabled by default (if installed)
  • Controller
    • Fixed RTL issue when vertical swiper controls horizontal one
  • Lazy
    • Fixed issue when lazy loading not always triggered on window resize
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.1.6 - Released on February 11, 2018

  • Fixed onTouchMoveOpposite event on touch devices

Swiper 4.1.5 - Released on February 10, 2018

  • Improved touch events support on desktop Windows devices with touch screen
  • Improved "loop fix" when slider is in the free mode
  • New noSwipingSelector parameter that can be used instead of noSwipingClass
  • New preventIntercationOnTransition parameter to prevent interaction during slice change transition
  • New .slideToLoop method to be used in loop mode
  • Fixed issue with slideChange events being fired when slide wasn't actually changed
  • Scrollbar
    • Now doesn't require to enable simulateTouch for desktops when it is draggable
  • Keyboard
    • Fixed detection statement whether a swiper is in the viewport
  • Pagination
    • Added new multiple main bullets support for dynamic bullets pagination
  • Zoom
    • Now supports Virtual Slides
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.1.0 - Released on January 13, 2018

  • Improved IE 10 support. But it is recommended to use proto polyfill
  • Improved touch support for Edge
  • New watchOverflow (disabled by default). When enabled Swiper will be disabled and hide navigation buttons on case there are not enough slides for sliding
  • Autoplay
    • New reverseDirection to enable autoplay in reverse direction
    • New waitForTransition parameter when autoplay will wait for wrapper transition to continue (enabled by default). Can be disabled in case of using Virtual Translate when your slider may not have transition
  • Keyboard
    • New onlyInViewport parameter (enabled by default). When enabled it will control sliders that are currently in viewport

Swiper 4.0.7 - Released on November 28, 2017

  • Fixed issue with not working correctly touchReleaseOnEdges on iOS
  • Fixed issue with not working allowSlideNext/Prev change on Breakpoints
  • Fixed wrong scrollbar dragging when using custom dragSize
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.6 - Released on November 13, 2017

  • Fixed Coverflow effect issue using with breakpoints
  • iOSEdgeSwipeDetection will also be in consideration with right-edge swipe
  • Fixed freeModeSticky behavior in RTL mode
  • Swiper now emits breakpoint event on breakpoint change
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.5 - Released on November 7, 2017

  • Fixed issue with not working noSwiping parameter
  • Parallax now considers slidesPerGroup parameter
  • Zoom: imporved gestures handling
  • Pagination: fixed issues with wrong positioned dynamic-bullets when there are not enough slides
  • Fixed issues with some effects being broken with enabled breakpoints
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.3 - Released on October 27, 2017

  • Fixed Parallax opacity and scale transitions
  • Better compatability with SSR by using dummy document object
  • Fixed styles for dynamic pagination buttons in RTL mode
  • Fixed issue with last pagination button not being active with slidesPerView: 'auto'
  • Renamed build tasks: build-dev -> build:dev, build-prod -> build:prod

Swiper 4.0.2 - Released on October 18, 2017

  • Lazy loading support for Virtual slides
  • Added beforeResize event
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.1 - Released on October 11, 2017

  • Fixed issue with pagination being broken with loop mode
  • Reworked realIndex calculation ordering
  • ES-module files renamed (possible breaking change):
    • swiper.module.js -> swiper.esm.bundle.js (exported by default)
    • swiper.modular.js -> swiper.esm.js
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.0 - Released on October 4, 2017 🎉

  • New API (check Documentation)
  • Virtual Slides - new module that keeps in DOM just required amount of slides
  • Source code has been fully rewritten in ES-next syntax
  • Dist package contains additional ES-next modules:
    • swiper.module.js - swiper bundle for import Swiper from 'swiper'
    • swiper.modular.js - modular version for using Swiper with required components only
  • New scripts/build-config.js for creating custom Swiper build with required components and custom color theme
  • jQuery version of Swiper has been removed
  • Imporved compatibility with server-side rendering
  • Hundreds of improvements and fixes

Swiper 4.0.0-beta.4 - Released on September 20, 2017

  • Fixed issue with draggable Scrollbar in RTL layout
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.0-beta.3 - Released on September 13, 2017

  • Dom7 update to latest version
  • Small core refactoring to get better results within tree-shaking bundles

Swiper 4.0.0-beta.2 - Released on September 2, 2017

  • Disable a11y by default
  • Fixed issue with events sharing between multiple swipers
  • Fixed issue with resize handling after destroy
  • Few minor fixes

Swiper 4.0.0-beta.1 - Released on August 30, 2017

  • Initial 4.0.0 release

Swiper 3.4.2 - Released on March 10, 2017

  • Fixed an issue with lazy loading callbacks when swiper is destroyed
  • New onAfterResize and onBeforeResize callbacks
  • New onKeyPress callback when keyboard control is used
  • Fixed Chrome+Windows issue with not clickable links that have "title" attribute
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.4.1 - Released on December 13, 2016

  • Fixed Zoom for RTL
  • Improved slideToClickedSlide behavior when loop is enabled
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.4.0 - Released on October 16, 2016

  • Custom build available. Now you can create custom swiper build using the folowing modules: effects, lazy-load, scrollbar, controller, hashnav, history, keyboard, mousewheel, parallax, zoom, a11y. Using cli gulp custom -zoom,effects,lazy-loading
  • New zoom functionality that enables double tap and pinch to zoom slide's inner image:
    • Required slide layout for zoom:
      <div class="swiper-slide">
        <div class="swiper-zoom-container">
          <img src="path/to/image">
    • New zoom parameters:
      • zoom - enable zoom functionality
      • zoomMax - maximum image zoom multiplier, by default is 3
      • zoomMin - minimum image zoom multiplier, by default is 1
      • zoomToggle - enable/disable zoom-in by slide's double tap
    • zoomMax can be also overridden for specific slide by using data-swiper-zoom attribute
  • New swiper.enableTouchControl() and swiper.disableTouchControl() methods to enable disable touch control (it toggles onlyExternal parameter)
  • New swiper.realIndex property in addition to swiper.activeIndex that returns index of active slide considering loop
  • New History API with new history parameter. It uses history pushState to set active slide URL
  • New hashnavWatchState parameter to navigate through slides (when hashnav is enabled) by browser history or by setting directly hash on document location
  • New replaceState parameter that work in addition to hashnav or history to replace current url state with the new one instead of adding it to history
  • New methods s.unsetGrabCursor() and s.setGrabCursor() to enable/disable grab cursor
  • Draggable Scrollbar now works when simulateTouch:false

  • New normalizeSlideIndex parameter to improve work of controller (see #1766)
  • lazyLoadingInPrevNextAmount now works with slidesPerView: 'auto'
  • New passiveListeners parameter to use passive event listeners to improve scrolling performance on mobile devices. Enabled by default
  • New freeModeMomentumVelocityRatio parameter to control moment velocity
  • Now it is possible to specify autoplay delay for every (or specific) slides by using data-swiper-autoplay attribute on them
  • Lazy loading now also respects sizes responsive images attribute
  • Improved mousewheel cross browser behavior (see #1797)
  • New mousewheelEventsTarged parameter (by default 'container') where you can specify mousewheel events target
  • New onScroll event/callback that triggers when swiping/scrolling happens with mousewheel
  • New touchReleaseOnEdges parameter to release touch events on slider edge position (beginning, end) and allow for further page scrolling
  • Multirow (slidesPerColumn) support for vertical direction, which is in this case becomes multicolumn
  • paginationBulletRender now accepts swiper instance as a first argument, paginationBulletRender(index, className) -> paginationBulletRender(swiper, index, className)
  • New "swiper-slide-duplicate-active", "swiper-slide-duplicate-next", "swiper-slide-duplicate-prev" classes that will be added in loop mode to the slides representing duplicated looped slides
  • All css classes are now configurable via new parameters: lazyLoadingClass, notificationClass, containerModifierClass, paginationClickableClass, paginationModifierClass, lazyStatusLoadingClass, lazyStatusLoadedClass, lazyPreloaderClass, notificationClass, preloaderClass, zoomContainerClass, slideDuplicateActiveClass, slideDuplicateNextClass, slideDuplicatePrevClass

Swiper 3.3.1 - Released on February 7, 2016

  • New uniqueNavElements parameter. If enabled (by default) and navigation elements' parameters passed as the string (like .pagination) then Swiper will look for such elements through child elements first. Applies for pagination, prev/next buttons and scrollbar
  • New onPaginationRendered callback. Will be fired after pagination elements generated and added to DOM
  • New .reLoop() method, which combines .destroyLoop() + .createLoop() methods with additional positioning fixes. Useful to call after you have changed slidesPerView parameter, it will dynamically recreate duplicated slides required for loop
  • New .nextButton and .prevButton properties with Dom7/jQuery element with next/prev button HTML element
  • Fixed not working mousewheel control in IE 11
  • Fixed issue with lazy loading images not being recalculated after window resize
  • Fixed issues when using loop with breakpoints changing slidesPerView/Group parameters
  • Numerous minor fixes

Swiper 3.3.0 - Released on January 10, 2016

  • New 3D Flip effect. Can be enabled with `effect: 'flip' parameter
  • New types of pagination with new parameters:
    • paginationType - type of pagination. Can be 'bullets' (default) or 'fraction' or 'progress' or 'custom'
    • paginationFractionRender(swiper, currentClass, totalClass) - custom function to render "fraction" type pagination
    • paginationProgressRender(swiper, progressbarClass) - custom function to render "progress" type pagination
    • paginationCustomRender(swiper, current, total) - custom function to render "custom" type pagination
  • New lazyLoadingInPrevNextAmount parameter allows to lazy load images in specified amount of next/prev slides
  • New autoplayStopOnLast parameter (true by default) tells to autoplay should it stop on last slide or start from first slide
  • New onAutoplay(swiper) callback
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.2.7 - Released on December 7, 2015

  • Fixed issue with using HTMLElements for next/prevButton parameters with breakpoints
  • Fixed issue with not working Auto Height when using Controller

Swiper 3.2.6 - Released on November 28, 2015

  • Fixed issue in RTL layout using mousewheelControl
  • Fixed issue in RTL layout using Parallax

Swiper 3.2.5 - Released on November 21, 2015

  • New "Auto Height" mode when container/wrapper adopts to the height of currently active slide. Can be enabled with autoHeight: true parameter
  • Fixed issue with break points in FireFox
  • Fixed issue with wrong slides position when using effects
  • Fixed issue with none-updated scroll bar after using setWrapperTranslate
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.2.0 - Released on November 7, 2015

  • Added responsive breakpoints support using new breakpoints parameter. Now you can specify different slidesPerView and other similar parameters for different sizes:

    slidesPerView: 5,
    spaceBetween: 50,
    breakpoints: {
      1024: {
        slidesPerView: 4,
        spaceBetween: 40
      768: {
        slidesPerView: 3,
        spaceBetween: 30
      320: {
        slidesPerView: 1,
        spaceBetween: 10
  • New callbacks: onSlideNextStart, onSlideNextEnd, onSlidePrevStart, onSlidePrevEnd

  • Added Meteor package meteor add nolimits4web:swiper

  • Fixed issue with mouse touchMove/End callbacks firing all the time

  • Fixed issue with mousewheel in Chrome

  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.1.7 - Released on October 10, 2015

  • Fixed issue with lazy loading trying to download undefined-src images
  • Fixed lazy loading on slides using jQuery version
  • Fixed issue with slideToClickedSlide with loop and centeredSlides
  • Fixed issue with wrong slides fill when number of slides less than slidesPerView * slidesPerColumn with slidesPerColumnFill: 'row'
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.1.5 - Released on September 28, 2015

  • Added support for images srcset with lazy loading using data-srcset attribute
  • Fixed new Chrome errors with WebkitCSSMatrix
  • Fixed issue with slideToClickedSlide with loop and centeredSlides
  • New freeModeMinimumVelocity parameter to set minimum required touch velocity to trigger free mode momentum
  • Ability to make the Scrollbar draggable using new paramaters:
    • scrollbarDraggable - (boolean) by default is false. Allows to enable draggable scrollbar
    • scrollbarSnapOnRelease - (boolean) by default is false. Control slider snap on scrollbar release
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.1.2 - Released on August 22, 2015

  • Fixed issues with loop and mousewheel when swiper stopped on last slide
  • Imporved mouse wheel behavior in latest Chrome
  • Fixed issue with slidesPerView: 'auto' and enabled loop:true mode to set loopedSlides to the amount of slides by default (if not specified)
  • New mousewheelSensitivity: 1 parameter allows to tweak mouse wheel sensitivity
  • Fixed issue with updating swiper when swiping is locked (with allowSwipeToNext/allowSwipeToPrev)
  • Fixed issue with wrong calculating of "visible" slides with enabled centeredSlides
  • CSS fixes for 3D effects
  • New options to release Swiper events for swipe-to-go-back work in iOS UIWebView with two options:
    • iOSEdgeSwipeDetection (by default is false) - enable ios edge detection and release Swiper events
    • iOSEdgeSwipeThreshold (default value is 20) - area in px from left edge of screen to release events
  • Improved source maps
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.1.0 - Released on July 14, 2015

  • Accessibility (a11y)
    • Fixed issue with wrong buttons labels
    • Added support for pagination bullets
    • New accessibility parameter for pagination label paginationBulletMessage: 'Go to slide {{index}}'
  • Controler
    • New parameter controlBy which can be 'slide' (by default) or 'container'. Defines a way how to control another slider: slide by slide or depending on all slides/container (like before)
    • Now controllers in controlBy: 'slide' (default) mode will respect grid of each other
  • Pagination
    • New paginationElement parameter defines which HTML tag will be use to represent single pagination bullet. By default it is span
  • New roundLengths parameter (by default is false) to round values of slides width and height to prevent blurry texts on usual resolution screens
  • New slidesOffsetBefore: 0 and slidesOffsetAfter: 0 (in px) parameters to add additional slide offset within a container
  • Correct calculation for slides size when use CSS padding on .swiper-container
  • Fixed issue with not working onResize handler when swipes are locked
  • Fixed issue with "jumping" effect when you disable onlyExternal during touchmove
  • Fixed issue when slider goes to previos slide from last slide after window resize
  • Added new swiper.jquery.umd.js version for the environment where both Swiper and jQuery included as modules
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.0.8 - Released on June 14, 2015

  • Fixed issue with wrong active index and callbacks in Fade effect
  • New mousewheel parameters:
    • mousewheelReleaseOnEdges - will release mousewheel event and allow page scrolling when swiper is on edge positions (in the beginning or in the end)
    • mousewheelInvert - option to invert mousewheel slides
  • Fixed issue with lazy loading in next slides when slidesPerView > 1
  • Fixed issue with resistance bounds when swiping is locked
  • Fixed issue with wrong slides order in multi-row mode (when slidesPerColumn > 1)
  • Fixed issue with not working keyboard control in RTL mode
  • Fixed issue with nested fade-effect swipers
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.0.7 - Released on April 25, 2015

  • New width and height parameters to force Swiper size, useful when it is hidden on intialization
  • Better support for "Scroll Container". So now Swiper can be used as a scroll container with one single "scrollable"/"swipeable" slide
  • Added lazy loading for background images with data-background attribute on required elements
  • New "Sticky Free Mode" (with freeModeSticky parameter) which will snap to slides positions in free mode
  • Fixed issues with lazy loading
  • Fixed slide removing when loop mode is enabled
  • Fixed issues with Autoplay and Fade effect
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.0.6 - Released on March 27, 2015

  • Fixed sometimes wrong slides position when using "Fade" effect
  • .destroy(deleteInstance, cleanupStyles) method now has second cleanupStyles argument, when passed - all custom styles will be removed from slides, wrapper and container. Useful if you need to destroy Swiper and to init again with new options or in different direction
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.0.5 - Released on March 21, 2015

  • New Keyboard accessibility module to provide foucsable navigation buttons and basic ARIA for screen readers with new parameters:
    • a11y: false - enable accessibility
    • prevSlideMessage: 'Previous slide' - message for screen readers for previous button
    • nextSlideMessage: 'Next slide' - message for screen readers for next button
    • firstSlideMessage: 'This is the first slide' - message for screen readers for previous button when swiper is on first slide
    • lastSlideMessage: 'This is the last slide' - message for screen readers for next button when swiper is on last slide
  • New Emitter module. It allows to work with callbacks like with events, even adding them after initialization with new methods:
    • .on(event, handler) - add event/callback
    • .off(event, handler) - remove this event/callback
    • .once(event, handler) - add event/callback that will be executed only once
  • Plugins API is back. It allows to write custom Swiper plugins
  • Better support for browser that don't support flexbox layout
  • New parameter setWrapperSize (be default it is false) to provide better compatibility with browser without flexbox support. Enabled this option and plugin will set width/height on swiper wrapper equal to total size of all slides
  • New virtualTranslate parameter. When it is enabled swiper will be operated as usual except it will not move. Useful when you may need to create custom slide transition
  • Added support for multiple Pagination containers
  • Fixed onLazyImage... callbacks
  • Fixed issue with not accessible links inside of Slides on Android < 4.4
  • Fixed pagination bullets behavior in loop mode with specified slidesPerGroup
  • Fixed issues with clicks on IE 10+ touch devices
  • Fixed issues with Coverflow support on IE 10+
  • Hashnav now will update document hash after transition to prevent browsers UI lags, not in the beginning like before
  • Super basic support for IE 9 with swiper.jquery version. No animation and transitions, but basic stuff like switching slides/pagination/scrollbars works

Swiper 3.0.4 - Released on March 6, 2015

  • New Images Lazy Load component
    • With new parameters lazyLoading, lazyLoadingInPrevNext, lazyLoadingOnTransitionStart (all disabled by default)
    • With new callbacks onLazyImageLoad and onLazyImageReady
  • updateOnImages ready split into 2 parameters:
    • preloadImages (by default is true) - to preload all images on swiper init
    • updateOnImages (by default is true) - update swiper when all images loaded
  • Fixed issues with touchmove on fouces form elements
  • New onObserverUpdate callback function to be called after updates by ovserver
  • Fixed issue with not working inputs with keyboard control for jQuery version
  • New paginationBulletRender parameter that accepts function which allow custom pagination elements layout
  • Hash Navigation will run callback dpending on runCallbacksOnInit parameter
  • watchVisibility parameter renamed to watchSlidesVisibility

Swiper 3.0.3 - Released on March 1, 2015

  • Fixed issue with not firing onSlideChangeEnd callback after calling .slideTo with runCallbacks=false
  • Fixed values of isBeginning/isEnd when there is only one slide
  • New crossFade option for fade effect
  • Improved support for devices with both touch and mouse inputs, not yet on IE
  • Fixed not correctly working mousewheel and keyobard control in swiper.jquery version
  • New parallax module for transitions with parallax effects on internal elements
  • Improved .update and .onResize methods
  • Minor fixes

Swiper 3.0.2 - Released on February 22, 2015

  • Fixed issue with keyboard events not cleaned up with Swiper.destroy
  • Encoded inline SVG images for IE support
  • New callbacks
    • onInit (swiper)
    • onTouchMoveOpposite (swiper, e)
  • Fixed free mode momentum in RTL layout
  • .update method improved to fully cover what onResize do for full and correct update
  • Exposed swiper.touches object with the following properties: startX, startY, currentX, currentY, diff
  • New methods to remove slides
    • .removeSlide(index) or .removeSlide([indexes]) - to remove selected slides
    • .removeAllSlides() - to remove all slides

Swiper 3.0.1 - Released on February 13, 2015

  • Fixed issue with navigation buttons in Firefox in loop mode
  • Fixed issue with image dragging in IE 10+

Swiper 3.0.0 - Released on February 11, 2015

  • Initial release of all new Swiper 3
  • Removed features
    • Dropped support for old browsers. Now it is compatible with:
      • iOS 7+
      • Android 4+ (multirow mode only for Android 4.4+)
      • Latest Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera desktop browsers
      • WP 8+, IE 10+ (3D effects may not work correctly on IE because of wrong nested 3D transform support)
    • Scroll Container. Removed in favor of pure CSS overflow: auto with -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch
  • New features
    • Swiper now uses modern flexbox layout, which by itself give more features and advantages
    • Such Swiper 2.x plugins as Hash Navigation, Smooth Progress, 3D Flow and Scrollbar are now incorporated into Swiper 3.x core
    • Full RTL support
    • Built-in navigation buttons/arrows
    • Controller. Now one Swiper could be controlled (or control itself) by another Swiper
    • Multi row slides layout with slidesPerColumn option
    • Better support for nested Swipers, now it is possible to use same-direction nested Swipers, like horizontal in horizontal
    • Space between slides
    • New transition effects: 3D Coverflow, 3D Cube and Fade transitions
    • Slides are border-box now, so it is possible to use borders and paddings directly on slides
    • Auto layout mode (slidesPerView: 'auto') now gives more freedom, you can even specify slides sizes in % and use margins on them
    • Mutation Observers. If enabled, Swiper will watch for changes in Dom and update its layout automatically
    • Better clicks prevention during swiping
  • Many of API methods, parameters and callbacks are changed
  • Added a bit lightweight jQuery/Zepto version of Swiper that can be used if you use jQuery/Zepto in your project