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This is the next revision of (v3), this time in Ruby On Rails.

  • Ruby: 2.5
  • Rails: 5.1
  • PostgreSQL: 9.6

Automatic Installation

You need to install VirtualBox and Vagrant. Then from the root directory of the project, execute

vagrant up

When finished, you need to log in to the virtual machine with the command

vagrant ssh

Finally you should start the application server

cd /vagrant
bin/rails s -b

Now you can access the web application at this URL


Manual Installation

Check out the script in bin/ - that's the same that Vagrant uses.

Test setup

Running bin/rake will run all the tests, that should always pass on a freshly downloaded copy a nolotiro's master.

More information

For obtaining geographic information we use [Yahoo YQL].

For IP GeoLocation we use GeoLite2 City. The database is bundled with this repo in compressed format. To extract the database, run

bin/rake max_mind:extract

You can also, grab the latest version of the DB from MaxMind by running

bin/rake max_mind:update

For delayed tasks, we use Sidekiq, that uses Redis. For caching, we use Redis.

sudo apt-get install redis-server
bundle exec sidekiq

Development environment magic

For the emails we recommend using mailcatcher. This doesn't send external emails during development, and you can see them in a nice web interface. The SMTP port is already configured.

gem install mailcatcher
open http://localhost:1080

Happy hacking!


For the localization and translation interface we use [LocaleApp].



Example URLs:

3rd Party

  • Core based on Ruby On Rails.
  • Geographical data is mantained in-app, and it started as a modified copy of the Yahoo Geoplanet DB, which originally released as CC BY 3.0 US, then taken down, but still available in
  • jQuery for Javascript.
  • GeoLite2 data API by MaxMind to auto detect user location.
  • Logo by Silvestre Herrera under GPL License.


FOSSA Status