💎 Custom Authenticated API for Gems & Fusions from Steven Universe
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Steven Universe Gem API

Live Website: https://crystal-gem-api.herokuapp.com/
Docsify Brochure: https://noltron000.github.io/BEW-1-2_crystal-gem-api/
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/noltron000/BEW-1-2_crystal-gem-api

This API's goal is to help serve information about gem characters in the Steven Universe cartoon series in a more digestable format. Gem's have fusions and vice versa. Both of these items also have Special Weapons and Secret Powers.

What's Steven Universe? It's a popular cartoon directed by Rebecca Sugar.
See http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/Steven_Universe_Wiki

Using the Website

The API has a modest frontend for ease of use. The website is hosted on Heroku @ https://crystal-gem-api.herokuapp.com/


Route Functionality
/ Displays basic information
/gem Displays all gems
/gem/json Displays all gems in JSON format
/gem/new Displays new gem form
/gem/:id Displays one gem's detail
/gem/:id/json Displays one gem's detail in JSON format
/gem/:id/edit Displays gem edit form
/fusion Displays all fusions
/fusion/json Displays all fusions in JSON format
/fusion/new Displays new fusion form
/fusion/:id Displays one fusion's detail
/fusion/:id/json Displays one fusion's detail in JSON format
/fusion/:id/edit Displays fusion edit form

Getting Started Locally

Here's a step-by-step guide to set this API up locally on your computer.

  1. Set up project files locally
    1. Fork this repo.
    2. Open terminal; cd into your preferred repo library location
    3. Clone your new fork into this location
    4. cd into the new clone
  2. Host environment locally
    1. Run yarn install in your terminal instance to initialize requirements
    2. Run nodemon in your terminal to host the website locally
    3. navigate to http://localhost:4040/ in a browser of your choice
    4. modify and digest data that you alone can access
      • TIP: this data is stored locally on your computer
    5. use the apps /json routes to retrieve data as you please


What are gems? Gems are metaphysical beings, and their form is projected from the heart of their existance - their jewel. Unlike people, gems can die many times, don't need to sleep, eat or breath, and have special weapons and secret powers.

What are fusions? Fusions are super-powerful combinations of gems, achieved through an extraordinary connection. Their mind and body form into one.


In future iterations, it would be nice to include:

  • User provisioning
  • Tests & error handling
  • Structure refactoring