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This blog is where i can rant and rave about all the different aspects of software development, save code and ideas for later and somewhere where readers and i can both learn from each other. What better way is there to reach other like minded developers than to keep a journal of ideas and thoughts that hopefully will help our community as a whole. Plus, it’s also a storage facility for me, so i don’t forget this stuff!


This blog is open to anyone wishing to make a contribution. If you've discovered an error and want to fix it or you wish to contribute an article, please feel free to do so by opening a pull request or raise an issue here.

Building the site


  1. Install Pandoc. on Linux it's as easy as sudo apt install pandoc

Build the HTML files

  1. Execute the bash script
  2. The entire site should now reside in the 'public' directory

Viewing the site

You can use any web server to view the site, just make sure the 'public' folder is the root directory. If you have Docker and Docker compose installed you can easily serve the site by spinning up an Nginx container.

  1. In the repository directory execute docker-compose up
  2. Visit localhost:8080 in your browser to view