Was the ability to manage distribution profiles removed? #75

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Or moved somehow? I tried ios profiles:download distribution but don't see the distribution profiles anymore, just the development ones.

Same with managing devices within distribution profiles.

ios profiles:manage:devices distribution

works correctly and lists the profiles, however if I pick a distribution profile within the list I get the following error.

error: 404 => Net::HTTPNotFound for https://developer.apple.com/account/ios/profile/profileEdit.action?provisioningProfileId=<removed> -- unhandled response.

You are luckier than me. When I do a "ios profiles:list distribution" I get only the development profiles listed. where before the Apple developer site change I was able to list and download the distribution profiles. (which is what i really need to do)


MatthewMaker commented Oct 12, 2013

just glancing real quick, but it looks like this is now a command line option... '-t', '--type [TYPE]', [:development, :distribution], "Type of profile"

You are correct. I don't know why but I was not able to get the "-t distribution"working (it just ignores the -t distribution part of the command), so I hadn't tried --type but if I do "--type distribution" it works.


mattt commented Nov 13, 2013

See #82 for more details. Indeed, the --type option needs to be passed to specify development or distribution profiles.

mattt closed this Nov 13, 2013

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