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profiles:manage:devices:* broken #81

alexleutgoeb opened this Issue · 3 comments

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There are currently some problems with profiles:manage:devices:add (and I guess remove too) as Apple probably changed the web interface again.

First of all the http method changed from post to get in here according to the web inspector:

The bigger problem however might be that Apple changed the checkbox values from the UDID to a custom identifier, so that the following check does not work anymore:

I would be happy to send a PR, I couldn't however find out where the checkbox values for each device come from. Anyone already has more information on that?



Possibly related: the --type option doesn't work with profiles:manage:devices:* either, as it reports '--type' as an unsupported option. This breaks the ability to add/remove devices from distribution profiles, which include Ad Hoc profiles required for services like TestFlight.


The 'custom identifier' that serves as the value for each checkbox when adding devices to a provisioning profile can be retrieved by a call to 'listDevices.action'. The JSON returned from that call is a list of devices and each device has a 'deviceId' key whose value is the value of the checkbox.


Fixed by #87. Thanks again, @chach17!

@mattt mattt closed this
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