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How to download all provisioning profiles with one invocation? #85

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By guessing, I have concluded that the only two valid values for the '--team' option are 'development' and 'distribution'. How do I download all available provisioning profiles at once?

On a related note, the command-line help for 'profiles:download' is ambiguous with regard to this option. Through much trial and error, I eventually discovered that the arg must come at the END of the command line. Any other placement causes the 'ios' command to fail altogether.

Note also that the command line help emitted in this case incorrectly describes the default value for '--team' to be ':development' (the colon is apparently spurious).


Thanks for your feedback, @zygoat. 6ebff54 and 883d52b should help address that ambiguity.

To answer your question, you would do:

$ ios profiles:download --type development && ios profiles:download --type distribution
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