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Fix CLI team_id detection #88

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Fixes the CLI --team issue @ksuther found in nomad/cupertino#83. I didn't see any particular reason why we couldn't just use the team accessor instead of the instance variable, but my ruby-foo is weak. Confirmed that this works for CLI and programmatic usage.

Alternatively, we could abandon the backwards compatibility and deprecate Agent::team_id, but that might require a major version bump.


Thanks, this seems to work for me as well. I didn't bother submitting a PR, as I'm sure I would have just done something idiomatically incorrect in Ruby :)

@mattt mattt referenced this pull request from a commit
@mattt mattt [Issue #88] Fixing teams once and for all eb3309e

Thanks for your patch, @mhupman, but I decided to finally go in and fix all of the team selection logic once and for all with eb3309e. It had been monkey-patched and iterated so many times by so many different people that it completely lost any coherence. This patch makes everything make sense again.

@mattt mattt closed this

Sounds good, glad to see a fix! :rocket:

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Commits on Nov 22, 2013
  1. @mhupman
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Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 lib/cupertino/provisioning_portal/helpers.rb
8 lib/cupertino/provisioning_portal/helpers.rb
@@ -37,12 +37,12 @@ def team_id
team_names = teams.collect(&:first)
team_ids = teams.collect(&:last)
- if @team.nil?
+ if
selected_team_name = choose "Select a team:", *team_names
teams.detect { |t| t.first == selected_team_name }.last
- elsif team_ids.member? @team
- @team
- elsif team = teams.detect { |t| t.first.start_with?(@team) }
+ elsif team_ids.member?
+ elsif team = teams.detect { |t| t.first.start_with?( }
say_error "Team should be a name or identifier" and abort
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