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CLI for Building & Distributing iOS Apps (.ipa Files)

Create .ipa files and then distribute them with TestFlight or HockeyApp, all from the command line!

Less cumbersome than clicking around in Xcode, and less hassle than rolling your own build script--Shenzhen radically improves the process of getting new builds out to testers and enterprises.

shenzhen is named for 深圳, the Chinese city famous for its role as the center of manufacturing for a majority of consumer electronics, including iPhones and iPads. Its sister project's namesake, Cupertino, CA, is home to Apple, Inc.'s world headquarters.


$ gem install shenzhen


Shenzhen adds the ipa command to your PATH:

$ ipa

  Build and distribute iOS apps (.ipa files)

    build                 Create a new .ipa file for your app
    distribute:testflight Distribute an .ipa file over TestFlight
    distribute:hockeyapp  Distribute an .ipa file over HockeyApp
    help                  Display global or [command] help documentation.

    distribute           distribute:testflight 

  Global Options:
    -h, --help           Display help documentation 
    -v, --version        Display version information 
    -t, --trace          Display backtrace when an error occurs

Building & Distribution

$ cd /path/to/iOS Project/
$ ipa build
$ ipa distribute


Mattt Thompson


Shenzhen is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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