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NomadBSD is a persistant live system for flash drives, based on FreeBSD.


Requirements for building the image

A recent FreeBSD system with at least 40GB free disk space. The build machine's major FreeBSD version must be >= the base system's major version of the image you want to build. If you're building the image on a system with ZFS, the build might fail due to a problem with the size calculation for the root file system. It's best to run a FreeBSD system with UFS in a virtual machine for the build.

Requirements for running NomadBSD

  • A >= 5GB flash drive
  • A (amd64/i386) system with a 1.2GHz CPU and 1G of RAM should be able to run NomadBSD decently.

Building the image

By default, the build script builds a 64-bit (amd64) image. For a 32-bit (i386) image, or a Mac image set ARCH=i386 or ARCH=mac accordingly in build.cfg. ARCH can also be defined via the -a option.

# ./build all

If something went wrong, you can resume the build after locating and fixing the problem that caused the build to stop.

# ./build resume

Writing the image to an USB memory stick

# dd if=nomadbsd.img of=/dev/da0 bs=1M conv=sync

Ready to use image

Visit to download the recent image.