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PoseNet based app that helps users train yoga poses
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Peak Pose

Peak Pose is a web application that gives yogis a platform to perfect their alignment.

Using their webcam, the user has the ability to select various yoga poses and compare their stance.

Getting Started:

Clone the repo:

git clone

Install Dependencies:

yarn install


To start the application:

yarn start

Runs the app in the development mode.
Navigate to http://localhost:3000 to view in the browser.

To test the application:

yarn test

Launches the test runner in watch mode. Select a to run all tests.

User Stories

As a Yogi
So I can check my accuracy,
I want confirmation my neutral pose is correct
As a Yogi
So I can check my accuracy,
I want to test myself against multiple poses
As a Yogi
So I can check my accuracy,
I want to know which parts of my body are out of line


# Sprint Deadline
1 MVP (Mockup) 20/03/2019
2 AsanaWrap / React Front-end 22/03/2019
3 Individual Poses (Weekend) 24/03/2019
4 Integration Model / View 26/03/2019
5 Integration ctd. + Styling 28/03/2019
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