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Dinesafe Toronto API

Code Climate

see doc/ for todo items


Create settings.yml: cp config/settings.example.yml config/settings.yml, and add your own CMS username/password.

Transferring The Database

Dump Database - Production

Run as deploy user.

pg_dump -U postgres -h localhost dinesafe_production -f ~/db_dumps/dinesafe_production_$(date +%Y-%m-%d).dump --password --format=c

Download Database - Production

rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh <user>@<hostname>:~/db_dumps/<filename>.dump db/dumps/

Dump Database

pg_dump  -U mruten dinesafe_dev -f doc/database_dumps/dinesafe_dev_$(date +%Y-%m-%d).dump --format=c

Load Database

pg_restore -d database_name doc/database_dumps/filename.dump

NOTE: On production, make sure to switch to postgres user.

Update Sitemap XML

It's important to update the sitemap.xml file for SEO purposes.

Run this on server to generate sitemap and ping search engines:

rake sitemap:refresh

Or, generate sitemap but don't ping search engines:

rake sitemap:refresh:no_ping

TODO: Move sitemap updating to a cron job.

Rake Tasks

Run this to update all Dinesafe data:

rake dinesafe:update_data

Or, you can run individual tasks as needed.

Update XML from Toronto Open Data:

rake dinesafe:update_xml

Import XML to database (will only add/update changed records):

rake dinesafe:xml_import

Geocode addresses that need it (updates geocodes table):

rake dinesafe:geocode

Update establishment addresses from geocodes (and create blank Geocodes for unknown addresses):

rake dinesafe:update_latlngs

Fix typos (based on list of manual fixes in task):

rake dinesafe:fix_data_typos


You can use Vagrant to run the app in a virtual machine.

  • Install Vagrant, Parallels. (With some modification, could use VirtualBox instead.)
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-librarian-chef-nochef
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-parallels
  • vagrant up

Then run these commands on the VM:

  • vagrant ssh to connect to the VM
  • cd /vagrant
  • sudo -u postgres psql -d template1 -c "ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'password';"
  • bundle
  • bundle exec rake db:setup
  • bundle exec rake dinesafe:update_data

The App

Toronto Open Data

View data on

For convenience, info from this link has been copied below.

Owner Public Health - Healthy Environments Program

Currency Current - updated bi-weekly

Format XML

Attributes ROW_ID - Represents the Row Number ESTABLISHMENT_ID – Unique identifier for an establishment INSPECTION_ID - Unique identifier for each Inspection ESTABLISHMENT_NAME – Business name of the establishment ESTABLISHMENTTYPE – Establishment type ie restaurant, mobile cart ESTABLISHMENT_ADDRESS – Municipal address of the establishment ESTABLISHMENT_STATUS – Pass, Conditional Pass, Closed MINIMUM_INSPECTIONS_PERYEAR – Every eating and drinking establishment in the City of Toronto receives a minimum of 1, 2, or 3 inspections each year depending on the specific type of establishment, the food preparation processes, volume and type of food served and other related criteria INFRACTION_DETAILS – Description of the Infraction INSPECTION_DATE – Calendar date the inspection was conducted SEVERITY – Level of the infraction, i.e. S – Significant, M – Minor, C – Crucial ACTION – Enforcement activity based on the infractions noted during a food safety inspection COURT_OUTCOME – The registered court decision resulting from the issuance of a ticket or summons for outstanding infractions to the Health Protection and Promotion Act AMOUNT_FINED – Fine determined in a court outcome Comments The data set is as current as the date of the extraction. It is not a substitute for the notification and posting requirements of Municipal Code Chapter 545 - Licensing.


Contact Open Data Team

Data DineSafe


Dinesafe Rails App: XML dump processing, data updating, and API for my iOS app.







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