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Analysis code for Schmaelzle, O'Donnell et al. (2017) PNAS
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Analysis for Schmälzle, O’Donnell, Garcia, Cascio, Bayer, Bassett, Vettel, & Falk (2017)

Data and analysis code for Schmälzle, R., O'Donnell, M.B., Garcia, J.O., Cascio, C.N., Bayer, J., Bassett, D.S., Vettel, J. & Falk, E.B. (2017). Brain connectivity dynamics during social interaction reflect social network structure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. DOI [External Link]




  • Python

Anaconda should provide you with most of what you need.

The following packages are used and we feel very indebted to their creators:

Note: if you run into errors indicating you miss a package, either enter "pip install package" in a terminal or - if in the notebook - insert a cell and write "!pip install package"

2017 | Ralf Schmaelzle | Matthew Brook O'Donnell

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