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Analysis code for Schmaelzle & Grall (2020). Journal of Media Psychology
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Analysis for Schmälzle & Grall (2020)

Data and analysis code for describe The coupled brains of captivated audiences: An investigation of the collective brain dynamics of an audience watching a suspenseful film link


  • The notebooks to reproduce the analyses are in the scripts folder


  • Extracted fMRI and self-report data matrices, results of ISC computations (which may take too long to reproduce or exhaust your ressources), are in the subfolder /data.
  • Please note that the large size of the original dataset, the sharing-restrictions, and the size limitations for repositories prevent us from uploading the full data here. You can obtain the original data from the CamCan Consortium and we can share extracted data upon request.


  • Python. Anaconda should provide you with most of what you need.

The following packages are used and we feel very indebted to their creators: * Project Jupyter * nilearn * brainIAK * seaborn * numpy * scipy * matplotlib * pandas *

2019 | Ralf Schmaelzle & Clare Grall

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