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Profile Data for Schmaelzle et al. (2019). Impressions of HIV risk online
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Risk Profiles

Profile Information for Schmaelzle, R. Imhof. M.A., Kenter, A., Renner, B, & Schupp, H.T. (2019). Impressions of HIV risk online: Brain potentials while viewing dating profiles. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience. link


The spreadsheet ( contains the features for low and high risk, respectively. The website for display of information was displayed using Presentation software, which also assembled random profiles by drawing from the low/high risk categories. For copyright and privacy reasons, we cannot share the profile images. If you want to obtain the code and graphics used to display the website and send triggers to the EEG, just send us an email.

2019 | Ralf Schmaelzle

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