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GHCJS-related packages missing from Hackage

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GHCJS package overlay for Hackage

It is possible to develop GHCJS applications with Cabal and cabal-install, just as if one were using GHC. Unfortunately, few people do that, and hence a number of key packages are note being uploaded to Hackage. Until this is fixed, this repository provides a cabal repository with these packages.

What is included?

It includes:

  • nothing currently life is good. Go and use Hackage directly.

It used to include the following packages, which have since been uploaded to hackage in a decent version:

  • reflex
  • reflex-dom and reflex-dom-core.
  • ghcjs-base

How do I use this?

Add this to your ~/.cabal/config:

repository ghcjs-overlay
  secure: True
  key-threshold: 0

If you use new-style cabal commands, you can also add it to your cabal.project, but you will have to use cabal new-update instead of cabal update.

Can I use this on travis?

Yes you can! See for a .travis.yml file that builds your GHCJS program using this repo (and automatically deploys your GHCJS program to Github Pages).

How is this created?

Manually, so far: I pulled the github repositories, appended the current date to the version, ran cabal sdist to get source tarballs, ran

$ hackage-repo-tool create-keys --keys keys
$ mkdir package/
$ mv .../**/*.tar.gz package/
$ hackage-repo-tool bootstrap --keys keys/ --repo .

and published this on Github Pages.

Some automation might be nice...

Do we really need this?

No, not at the moment.

Old related bugs


This make-shift service is provided by Joachim Breitner ( It is hosted at where you can report issues.


GHCJS-related packages missing from Hackage






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