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Deterministic state machine engine written in Rust

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Orga is a stack for building blockchain applications powered by Tendermint consensus.

Status: Orga is not ready for production applications, but is in rapid development. Some APIs are subject to change.

Module Status

Module Description Completeness API Stability
ed Minimalist traits for fast, deterministic encoding/decoding Provides Encode and Decode traits, with implementations for many built-in types (integers, Vec<T: Encode + Decode>, etc.). Will likely add tools for easier handmade encodings and composable encoding types (e.g. length-prefixed arrays). Unlikely to change.
ed_derive Derive macros for ed::Encode and ed::Decode Derive macros are implemented for structs. Still needs enum support. Can not change (only provides derive macros).
orga::abci Integration with ABCI (gated by abci feature) Implements ABCI app abstraction with serial tx processing. Still needs full ABCI pipeline for parallel tx processing. Likely to change significantly.
orga::collections State data structures which implement orga::state::State trait Implements Map, Set, Deque. Will likely add more. May change significantly as we explore different paradigms.
orga::merkstore Integration with merk (gated by merk feature) Implements orga::store::Store trait for Merk storage, and implements abci::ABCIStore so it can be used in an ABCI app. Will grow as orga::store grows, e.g. implementing orga::store::Iter to iterate through entries. Unlikely to change beyond changes in orga::store.
orga::state Traits for representing state data using higher-level abstractions (on top of a orga::store::Store implementation) Implements base State trait, and basic implementations of it such as Value<T>. May change significantly as we explore different paradigms.
orga::store Traits and implementations for low-level key/value store abstraction Implements base Store trait, and many composable implementations such as MapStore, NullStore, Prefixed, etc. Will likely add more composable pieces. The base traits may change minorly, overall paradigm is stable.
orga_macros Macros for Orga traits. Implements #[state] macro for combining orga::state::State implementations into struct hierarchies. Currently only supports normal structs, will likely support e.g. enums. Unlikely to change.

Project Goals

  • Performance - To serve a large user base, blockchains need to be engineered for high throughput, e.g. 10k+ transactions per second. Orga is engineered for maximum concurrency and with the ability to use the right data structures.
  • Simplicity - Keeping complexity under control makes it easier to understand the system, prevent flaws, and introduce new functionality. When thinking something through, a good heuristic is to choose the solution with fewer lines of code or smaller compiler output.
  • Ease of use - In our earlier work on LotionJS, we discovered that blockchain development can be fast and pleasant with the right abstractions. We aim to replicate this experience in Orga.
  • Idiomatic Rust - When figuring out how to do something, we can often answer it by asking "what would the Rust standard library do?".