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Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment for professionals. It facilitates performing frequent tasks, such as running tests, automatically checking code for mistakes or interacting with a smart contract. Check out the plugin list to use it with your existing tools.

Developed by Nomic Labs and funded by an Ethereum Foundation grant.

Join our Hardhat Support Discord server to stay up to date on new releases, plugins and tutorials.

🚧 You are looking at the development branch of Hardhat. For the currently released versions of Hardhat and its plugins take a look at this repository's tags. 🚧


To install Hardhat, go to an empty folder, initialize an npm project (i.e. npm init), and run

npm install --save-dev hardhat

Once it's installed, just run this command and follow its instructions:

npx hardhat


On Hardhat's website you will find:


Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to open any issue or send a pull request.

Go to to learn about how to set up Hardhat's development environment.

Feedback, help and news

Hardhat Support Discord server: for questions and feedback.

Follow Hardhat on Twitter.

Happy buidling!