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WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway focused on admin empowerment
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Nomiddleman Crypto Payments for Woocommerce WordPress plugin

Get it in the WordPress plugin repo

Classic Mode

Classic mode includes the basic functionality for a cryptocurrency. It will cycle through your addresses displaying a different one for each order, fetches real time valuation based on selected pricing options, and outputs a QR code to the customer on the thank you page.

Autopay Mode

Autopay Mode builds on Classic Mode with the following additions:

  • Scans blockchain APIs for transactions that match your orders
  • Updates orders to processing once a matching transaction is found
  • Emails the customer indicating payment has been received
  • Cancels unpaid orders after a set amount of time

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode allows you to utilize your HD Wallet’s Master Public Key to generate a unique address for every order.

Privacy mode includes all Autopay functionality with these additional features:

  • Unique cryptocurrency payment address for every order
  • If an order receives a payment too small to process, an email is sent to the customer with the remaining balance
  • No chance of payment collisions due to unique address per order
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