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@florianreinhart florianreinhart Change secureConnection option to secure befe7d3
@rgagnon24 rgagnon24 alwaysIncludePattern: false properly matches the description of the behavior. If alwaysIncludePattern is true, logger will always write to a patterned log file, and never write to "blah.log" 13092bd
@alawatthe alawatthe deleted transport from the configuration object, since it is not needed any longer. Added a logLevelFilter example 83a1de9
@whitelynx whitelynx Corrected `io` require line. 6148575
@dewe dewe Now array of tags works with node-loggly b96421e
@dewe dewe Add info about json:true option. fd839fe
@johnyesberg johnyesberg Question whether the behaviour described applies with alwaysIncludePattern; add another example. 8d6bd26
@johnyesberg johnyesberg Updated Date rolling file appender (markdown) 2b32ce9
@lgrkvst lgrkvst Updated Console (markdown) d3358c1
@lgrkvst lgrkvst Revert a2fdd8830e748897cc78c33cbcb313754832071c...73b8bc4300111b86c8b51e13351b60afb7df7433 on Console 7248f9c
@kaoz28 kaoz28 Updated File (markdown) ada03fc
@kaoz28 kaoz28 Created File (markdown) c25d90c
@pavelfomin pavelfomin Updated Category levels (creole) eb60484
@pavelfomin pavelfomin Created Category levels (creole) 9026f1f
@darrylwest darrylwest Updated Layouts (markdown) 4c0360f
@darrylwest darrylwest additional example to show how to log just the time + milliseconds fcb3252
@nisejay nisejay Updated Date rolling file appender (markdown) c354e83
@stritti stritti link to original log4js updated 43e4ed3
@Dignifiedquire Dignifiedquire Add loggly appender. 0b32c7b
@devotis devotis Updated Loggly (markdown) ce53980
@devotis devotis Created Loggly (markdown) acdb059
@devotis devotis Destroyed Loggly (markdown) 5c04d7f
@devotis devotis Updated Loggly (markdown) 054ed62
@devotis devotis Updated Loggly (markdown) 7f827c9
@devotis devotis Updated Smtp (markdown) 1d740a0
@devotis devotis Updated Smtp (markdown) 9e12a12
@devotis devotis Updated Loggly (markdown) c3fbdb2
@devotis devotis Updated Loggly (markdown) 273c4ae
@devotis devotis Created Loggly (markdown) de4aa59
@JohnMcLear JohnMcLear Destroyed max log files breaks appending (textile) 1d447c8
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