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Digital D20

This project has two parts:

  • A framework to create hyperlynked RPG modules with all the rules maps and scenes connected.
  • A super usable full featured Virtual Table Top

Digital D20 framework

First point to start is to read the manual, you can access it con and going inside homebrew adventures. There you will read how to create with an RPG adventure.

You can take a look on the directory structure of the free adventures, and have an idea of how to create them.

Mobile version

There is also an Android and iOS App, but these are not yet open software.

Virtual Table Top

Look inside the folder dd20-vtt

As a node project, the first thing you need to do is to download all the requiered libraries. You can create your own server in few minutes using a free node.js server like heroku.

99% of the code runs locally on main.js, the server just send the messages to all the connected people to the same URL.

About me

My work has nothing to do with software neither writting, but I love dungeons and dragones since I was a little kid. I do not have much time, but feel free to contact me, specially if you want to push any of these two projects!! I have opened a Pateron with 0 folowers yet, I just want to pay the bills of the servers, that is all. In the past I had the idea to make business with RPGs but that era has ended for me. I just want to create funny things in my spare time.


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