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I am pleased to announce the first release of Scion.
Scion [1] is a Haskell library that aims to implement those parts of a
Haskell IDE which are independent of a particular front-end. Scion
is based on the GHC API and Cabal. It provides both a Haskell API and
a server for non-Haskell clients such as Emacs and Vim.
Scion is bundled with two front-ends, Emacs and Vim, and is used by
the Haskell Eclipse plugin EclipseFP. Work on Yi support is underway.
Scion's current features include:
- Opening (that is, typechecking) a component of a Cabal project or a
single file [Emacs, Vim]. Error messages are highlighted in the
source [Emacs].
- Saving a file automatically typechecks the file [Emacs, Vim].
This feature can be turned off.
- Look up the type of any identifier (even local variables) [Emacs, Vim].
Requires that the file typechecks.
- Jump to definition of an identifier defined in the current project
For more details on the provided features and instructions of how to
set up a particular front-end see the README [2].
Patches are always welcome. The main source repository is hosted on
Github [3]. If you find a problem please file a bug [4] and/or join
the developer's mailing list [5].
The following people contributed to patches to this release:
Marc Weber
Thomas ten Cate
Sudish Joseph
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