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Emacs: add Session view, based on the notes view.

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commit 60f0e8dd36db974998747e1ac8aa9f933c6bd609 1 parent 8ed1418
@nominolo authored
Showing with 211 additions and 66 deletions.
  1. +211 −66 emacs/scion.el
277 emacs/scion.el
@@ -85,10 +85,7 @@ This applies to the *inferior-lisp* buffer and the network connections."
(defvar scion-modeline-string nil
- "The string that should be displayed in the modeline if
-`scion-extended-modeline' is true, and which indicates the
-current connection, package and state of a Lisp buffer.
-The string is periodically updated by an idle timer."))
+ "The string that should be displayed in the modeline."))
@@ -227,10 +224,13 @@ that Emacs needs to be restarted. (You have been warned!)")
(defun scion-tree-default-printer (tree)
(princ (scion-tree.item tree) (current-buffer)))
+(defun scion-tree-text-printer (tree)
+ (insert (scion-tree.item tree)))
(defun scion-tree-decoration (tree)
(cond ((scion-tree-leaf-p tree) "-- ")
- ((scion-tree.collapsed-p tree) "[+] ")
- (t "-+ ")))
+ ((scion-tree.collapsed-p tree) "-* ")
+ (t "-+ ")))
(defun scion-tree-insert-list (list prefix)
"Insert a list of trees."
@@ -304,21 +304,51 @@ This is used for labels spanning multiple lines."
- (defvar scion-mode-line " Scion"))
+ (defvar scion-modeline-string nil))
(define-minor-mode scion-mode
Scion: Smart Haskell mode.
- scion-mode-line
+ nil
;; Fake binding to coax `define-minor-mode' to create the keymap
'((" " 'self-insert-command))
+ (setq scion-modeline-string (scion-modeline-string))
(when scion-last-compilation-result
(scion-highlight-notes (scion-compiler-notes) (current-buffer))))
(define-key scion-mode-map " " 'self-insert-command)
+(add-to-list 'minor-mode-alist
+ `(scion-mode ,(if (featurep 'xemacs)
+ 'scion-modeline-string
+ '(:eval (scion-modeline-string)))))
+(defun scion-modeline-state-string (conn session)
+ (when scion-last-compilation-result
+ (destructuring-bind (tag successp notes duration nwarnings nerrors)
+ scion-last-compilation-result
+ (format "%d/%d" nerrors nwarnings))))
+(defun scion-modeline-string ()
+ "Return the string to display in the modeline.
+The string \"Scion\" is only shown if no connection is active, otherwise
+some info about the current session is shown."
+ (let ((conn (scion-current-connection)))
+ (if (not conn)
+ (and scion-mode " Scion")
+ (let ((session scion-current-session))
+ (if (not session)
+ " [?]"
+ (concat
+ "["
+ (format "#%d:" session)
+ (scion-modeline-state-string conn session)
+ "]"))))))
;; dummy definitions for the compiler
(defvar scion-net-coding-system)
(defvar scion-net-processes)
@@ -559,6 +589,7 @@ EVAL'd by Lisp."
(defun scion-net-close (process &optional debug)
(setq scion-net-processes (remove process scion-net-processes))
+ (setq scion-sessions nil)
(when (eq process scion-default-connection)
(setq scion-default-connection nil))
(cond (debug
@@ -970,50 +1001,39 @@ Can return nil if there's no process object for the connection."
;;;;; Emacs Lisp programming interface
;;; The programming interface for writing Emacs commands is based on
-;;; remote procedure calls (RPCs). The basic operation is to ask Lisp
-;;; to apply a named Lisp function to some arguments, then to do
-;;; something with the result.
+;;; remote procedure calls (RPCs). The basic operation is to ask the
+;;; scion-server which links against the Scion API to perform some
+;;; command and eventually return a result.
;;; Requests can be either synchronous (blocking) or asynchronous
;;; (with the result passed to a callback/continuation function). If
-;;; an error occurs during the request then the debugger is entered
-;;; before the result arrives -- for synchronous evaluations this
-;;; requires a recursive edit.
+;;; an error occurs during the request then an error message is
+;;; printed.
;;; You should use asynchronous evaluations (`scion-eval-async') for
;;; most things. Reserve synchronous evaluations (`scion-eval') for
;;; the cases where blocking Emacs is really appropriate (like
-;;; completion) and that shouldn't trigger errors (e.g. not evaluate
-;;; user-entered code).
+;;; completion) and that shouldn't trigger errors.
-;;; We have the concept of the "current Lisp package". RPC requests
-;;; always say what package the user is making them from and the Lisp
-;;; side binds that package to *BUFFER-PACKAGE* to use as it sees
-;;; fit. The current package is defined as the buffer-local value of
-;;; `scion-buffer-package' if set, and otherwise the package named by
-;;; the nearest IN-PACKAGE as found by text search (first backwards,
-;;; then forwards).
+;;; We have the concept of the "current Scion session". Most RPC
+;;; requests always say what session they operate in. A session
+;;; comprises a set of files (and modules) and compiler flags. A
+;;; buffer can only be considered member of one session at any time.
+;;; The buffer-local value of `scion-current-session' contains the id
+;;; (an integer) of the current session or NIL if the module is not
+;;; part of any session.
-;;; Similarly we have the concept of the current thread, i.e. which
-;;; thread in the Lisp process should handle the request. The current
-;;; thread is determined solely by the buffer-local value of
-;;; `scion-current-thread'. This is usually bound to t meaning "no
-;;; particular thread", but can also be used to nominate a specific
-;;; thread. The REPL and the debugger both use this feature to deal
-;;; with specific threads.
+;;; The global variable `scion-sessions' contains a list of all
+;;; possible sessions.
- (defvar scion-current-thread nil
- "The id of the current thread on the Lisp side.
-nil means the \"current\" thread;
-:repl-thread the thread that executes REPL requests;
-fixnum a specific thread."))
+(defvar scion-sessions nil
+ "Contains an alist of all active sessions.")
- (defvar scion-buffer-package nil
- "The Lisp package associated with the current buffer.
-This is set only in buffers bound to specific packages."))
+ (defvar scion-current-session nil
+ "The id of the current session on the Haskell side.
+nil means no session.
+fixnum a specific session."))
(defun scion-current-package ()
@@ -1045,10 +1065,9 @@ This is set only in buffers bound to specific packages."))
(defmacro* scion-rex ((&rest saved-vars)
(sexp &optional
- (package '(scion-current-package))
- (thread 'scion-current-thread))
+ (session 'scion-current-session))
&rest continuations)
- "(scion-rex (VAR ...) (SEXP &optional PACKAGE THREAD) CLAUSES ...)
+ "(scion-rex (VAR ...) (SEXP &optional SESSION) CLAUSES ...)
Remote EXecute SEXP.
@@ -1074,7 +1093,7 @@ deal with that."
(symbol (list var var))
(cons var)))
- (list :emacs-rex ,sexp ,package ,thread
+ (list :emacs-rex ,sexp nil ,session
(lambda (,result)
(destructure-case ,result
@@ -1724,6 +1743,131 @@ The overlay has several properties:
(when note
(return note)))))))
+;;; The buffer that shows all active sessions and compiler notes
+(defvar scion-session-view-mode-map)
+(define-derived-mode scion-session-view-mode fundamental-mode
+ "Scion Sessions"
+ "\\<scion-session-view-mode-map>\
+(scion-define-keys scion-session-view-mode-map
+ ((kbd "RET") 'scion-session-view-default-action-or-show-details)
+ ([return] 'scion-session-view-default-action-or-show-details)
+ ([mouse-2] 'scion-session-view-default-action-or-show-details/mouse)
+ ((kbd "q") 'scion-popup-buffer-quit-function))
+(defun scion-session-view-default-action-or-show-details/mouse (event)
+ "Invoke the action pointed at by the mouse, or show details."
+ (interactive "e")
+ (destructuring-bind (mouse-2 (w pos &rest _) &rest __) event
+ (save-excursion
+ (goto-char pos)
+ (let ((fn (get-text-property (point)
+ 'scion-session-view-default-action)))
+ (if fn (funcall fn) (scion-session-view-show-details))))))
+(defun scion-session-view-default-action-or-show-details ()
+ "Invoke the action at point, or show details."
+ (interactive)
+ (let ((fn (get-text-property (point) 'scion-session-view-default-action)))
+ (if fn (funcall fn) (scion-session-view-show-details))))
+(defun scion-session-view-show-details ()
+ (interactive)
+ (let* ((tree (scion-tree-at-point))
+ (note (plist-get (scion-tree.plist tree) 'note))
+ (inhibit-read-only t))
+ (cond ((not (scion-tree-leaf-p tree))
+ (scion-tree-toggle tree))
+ (t
+ (scion-show-source-location note t)))))
+(defun scion-list-sessions (sessions &optional no-popup)
+ "Show all sessions and compiler notes in a tree view
+If NO-POPUP is non-NIL, only show the buffer if it is already visible."
+ (interactive (list scion-sessions))
+ (labels ((fill-out-buffer ()
+ (erase-buffer)
+ (scion-session-view-mode)
+ (when (null sessions)
+ (insert "[No active sessions]"))
+ (let ((collapsed-p))
+ (dolist (tree (mapcar #'scion-session-to-tree sessions))
+ (when (scion-tree.collapsed-p tree)
+ (setf collapsed-p t))
+ (scion-tree-insert tree "")
+ (insert "\n"))
+ (goto-char (point-min)))))
+ (with-temp-message "Preparing compiler note tree..."
+ (if no-popup
+ (with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "*Scion Sessions*")
+ (setq buffer-read-only nil)
+ (fill-out-buffer)
+ (setq buffer-read-only t))
+ (scion-with-popup-buffer ("*Scion Sessions*")
+ (fill-out-buffer))))))
+;; (defun scion-notes-to-files (notes)
+;; "Turn list of notes into a hashtable mapping filenames to notes."
+;; (let ((file->notes (scion-makehash #'string=)))
+;; (loop for note in notes do
+;; (progn
+;; (unless (file-name-absolute-p (scion-note.filename note))
+;; (error "Note filename not absolute: %s" note))
+;; (
+(defun scion-session-to-tree (session)
+ (destructuring-bind (session-id home-dir graph notes) session
+ (let ((file-nodes (mapcar (lambda (n)
+ (scion-tree-for-graph-node n notes home-dir))
+ graph)))
+ (make-scion-tree :item (format "Session #%d" session-id)
+ :collapsed-p nil
+ :kids (list (make-scion-tree :item "Modules/Files"
+ :collapsed-p nil
+ :kids file-nodes))))))
+(defun scion-format-path-name (path root-dir)
+ "Like `file-relative-name' but keep absolute path if need be."
+ (if root-dir
+ (let ((rel (file-relative-name path root-dir)))
+ (if (and (> (length rel) 5)
+ (string= "../.." (substring rel 0 5)))
+ path
+ rel))
+ path))
+(defun scion-tree-for-graph-node (node notes &optional home-dir)
+ (cond
+ ((eq (car node) 'modsum)
+ (destructuring-bind (module-name filename) (cdr node)
+ (let* ((file-notes
+ (reverse
+ (mapcar #'scion-note-to-tree (gethash filename notes nil))))
+ (num-notes (length file-notes)))
+ (make-scion-tree :item (concat
+ (propertize (format "%s" module-name)
+ 'face 'bold
+ 'font-lock-face 'bold)
+ (when (> num-notes 0)
+ (format " [%d]" num-notes))
+ (format " (%s)" (scion-format-path-name filename home-dir)))
+ :kids file-notes
+ :print-fn #'scion-tree-text-printer
+ :collapsed-p (/= num-notes 1)))))
+ (t (error "Unknown graph node type."))))
+(defun scion-note-to-tree (note)
+ (make-scion-tree :item (scion-note.message note)
+ :collapsed-p nil
+ :plist (list 'note note)))
;;; The buffer that shows the compiler notes
@@ -1779,22 +1923,23 @@ The overlay has several properties:
(defun scion-goto-source-location (note)
(let ((file (scion-note.filename note)))
- (when file
- (let ((buff (find-buffer-visiting file)))
- (if buff
- (let ((buff-window (get-buffer-window buff)))
- (if buff-window
- (select-window buff-window)
- (display-buffer buff)))
- (progn
- (find-file-other-window file)
- (setq buff (find-buffer-visiting file))))
- (goto-char (point-min))
- (forward-line (1- (scion-note.line note)))
- (move-to-column (scion-note.col note))
- (let ((r (scion-note.region note buff)))
- (with-current-buffer buff
- (scion-flash-region (car r) (cadr r) 0.5)))))))
+ (save-excursion
+ (when file
+ (let ((buff (find-buffer-visiting file)))
+ (if buff
+ (let ((buff-window (get-buffer-window buff)))
+ (if buff-window
+ (select-window buff-window)
+ (display-buffer buff)))
+ (progn
+ (find-file-other-window file)
+ (setq buff (find-buffer-visiting file))))
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (forward-line (1- (scion-note.line note)))
+ (move-to-column (scion-note.col note))
+ (let ((r (scion-note.region note buff)))
+ (with-current-buffer buff
+ (scion-flash-region (car r) (cadr r) 0.5))))))))
(defun scion-list-compiler-notes (notes &optional no-popup)
"Show the compiler notes NOTES in tree view.
@@ -1971,28 +2116,28 @@ Sets the GHC flags for the library from the current Cabal project and loads it."
(defun scion-report-compilation-result (result &optional buf)
(destructuring-bind (&key succeeded notes duration) result
(let ((tag 'compilation-result)
- (successp (if (eq succeeded json-false) nil t)))
+ (successp succeeded))
(multiple-value-bind (nwarnings nerrors)
(scion-count-notes notes)
(let ((notes (scion-make-notes notes)))
(setq scion-last-compilation-result
- (list tag successp notes duration))
+ (list tag successp notes duration nwarnings nerrors))
(scion-highlight-notes notes buf)
(if (not buf)
(scion-show-note-counts successp nwarnings nerrors duration)
(when (< 0 (+ nwarnings nerrors))
- (scion-list-compiler-notes notes)))
- (scion-update-compilater-notes-buffer))
+ (scion-list-sessions scion-sessions)))
+ (scion-update-session-view))
(scion-report-status (format "%d/%d" nerrors nwarnings))
-(defun scion-update-compilater-notes-buffer ()
+(defun scion-update-session-view ()
"Update the contents of the compilation notes buffer if it is open somewhere."
;; XXX: background typechecking currently does not keep notes from
;; other files
- (when (get-buffer "*SCION Compiler-Notes*")
+ (when (get-buffer "*Scion Sessions*")
(scion-list-compiler-notes (scion-compiler-notes) t)))
;; ((:ok warns)
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