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Recommend using absolute paths in the configuration.

Using ~ for the home directory doesn't seem to work.  (At least not
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@@ -215,7 +215,10 @@ different Vim versions). If Vim should start the Scion server itself
" recommended: vim spawns a scion instance itself:
- let g:scion_connection_setting = [ 'scion', "~/.cabal/bin/scion-server"]
+ let g:scion_connection_setting = [ 'scion', "<path/to/scion-server>"]
+Note that there may be problems using "~" in the path, so better
+specify the absolute path.
If you want to connect to a running instance of the server via TCP,
add (where `4005` is the port number used by the scion server):
@@ -225,13 +228,13 @@ add (where `4005` is the port number used by the scion server):
Add the following independently of which connection mode you prefer:
- set runtimepath+=~/.cabal/share/scion-<version>/vim_runtime_path/
+ set runtimepath+=<home>/.cabal/share/scion-<version>/vim_runtime_path/
Depending on your Vim config you will need to add the following lines
as well:
:filetype plugin on
- :source ~/.cabal/share/scion-<version>/vim_runtime_path/plugin/haskell_scion.vim
+ :source <home>/.cabal/share/scion-<version>/vim_runtime_path/plugin/haskell_scion.vim
You store certain settings in a configuration file. (Note: This
feature is currently experimental and details may change in future

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