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I'm using C-cC-o to open a cabal project in emacs with scion (latest git version). It gives my the following error message in the minibuffer:
Error in process filter: (error Unexpected reply: -1 (:error "ParseError: Unknown server command: open-cabal-project"))


Please use C-cC-xC-l (scion-load). That should work.


Thanks, Thomas. Actually, C-cC-xC-l doesn't quite work for me either (I guess I should have started with that). Whenever I do it, it prompts "Load Component:" in the minibuffer and wouldn't accept any input I could think of (tried blank and the name of the module I'm trying to load).
EDIT: sorry, I should have tried using TAB. It seems to work now. Thank you.

@achudnov achudnov closed this Mar 28, 2012

By default, I'm using Emacs' default completion. You can have a fancier completion by adding the following to your .emacs:

(setq scion-completing-read-function 'ido-completing-read)

However, there was at least one case where this messed up Emacs completely (it didn't respond to any keys and you couldn't get out of the minibuffer). I never found out what the problem was. I assume it was an issue with the particular version of ido.el. So if you run into that issue remove the line and restart Emacs.

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