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WRATH Variants
WRATH has 2 variants:
you can select which (or both) variants to build
by defining the environmental variable BUILDTARGETS:
(both SDL and Qt): #export BUILDTARGETS=qt sdl
(SDL only): #export BUILDTARGETS=sdl
(Qt only): #export BUILDTARGETS=qt
These are built as _seperate_ libraries.
Both variants have the following dependencies:
- FreeType (libs and headers)
- flex (see below about ngl)
- boost
- FontConfig (libs and headers)
- GL or GLES2 headers
The Qt variant requires Qt
The SDL variant requires SDL and SDL_image.
type make targets to see all available targets.
Shaders from resources
The class, WRATHShaderSourceResource, allows one to
have a shader fragment as a "resource", the Bash/Perl
frankenstein script to generate a .cpp file from shader
source code is located at shell_scripts/,
which calls the Perl script shell_scripts/
About NGL
NGL is a machine generated header/source system to aid in
using and debugging GL. The files are generated from the
GL and/or GLES2 headers. Some platforms have different headers
of GLES2/gl2.h that are incompatible with the headers used
to generate ngl/ngl_gles2.cpp and ngl/ngl_gles2.hpp. To rectify
this case:
- cd ngl
- rm ngl_gles2.[ch]pp
- make ngl_gles2
In addition, one can do the same for ngl_gl.[ch]pp but this is
not necessary. The generation of the files requires flex.
By default, the root makefile will do as follows:
if x86 --> use GL
if ARM --> use GLES2
this can be overridden from Makefile.settings, see
OVERRIDE_GL_TYPE. Additionally what version of the
GL/GLES API is also set in Makefile.settings with
WRATH makes optional use of boost::locale which is not present
in boost versions prior to 1.48. If you do not have a version of
boost of atleast 1.48, then within Makefile, set USE_BOOST_LOCALE to 0.
We strongly advise using atleast v1.48 of boost and using boost::locale
Debug vs Release
The WRATH library and all demos not only have an SDL and Qt variants,
but also each such has a debug variant. The debug versions run horrow
slow but should be used if any issues arise on device.
WRATH can be built with MinGW (atleast the SDL variant so far).
At the time of this writing, only 32-bit build under MinGW is supported.
The main caveat is that MinGW has the variable CC set in make
to cc which is a non-existant compiler. One must export CC=gcc
or edit Makefile.setting to make sure CC is set to gcc correctly.
As for the subject of dependencies, all the dependencies of WRATH
do have MinGW ports, look to
for MinGW ready binaries of fontconfig, freetype and others.
Binaries and devel files for SDL2 and SDL_image2 are available
from and
Lastly, one must use msys as it provides flex and other needed
tools for WRATH to be built.