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Adds Gmail-esque keyboard shorcuts to This is still very much a work in progress. Tested with Mail for OS X 10.8.4.

Supported Shortcuts

cCompose new message
aReply All
y, eArchive
jGo to previous message/thread
kGo to next message/thread
/Mailbox search
lMove to folder (opens dialog)

How to install

  1. Grab the latest build from the builds/ directory, and unzip to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles
  2. Enable plugins: defaults write EnableBundles -bool true

How to build

  1. Load up the project in Xcode.
  2. Run the build, this should automatically create ~/Library/Mail/Bundles (but you may need to create this).
  3. Enable plugins: defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
  4. Relaunch Mail.


A lot of this was built with heavy use of of the BindDeleteKeyToArchive project by Ben Lenarts. The Xcode project and interface skeleton were all from that project, and for the most part, renamed. I added the keybinding code.

A lot of the code is also either copied in whole, or modified from the project, by Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft, and subsequently by Jelmer van der Linde. I've added support for ARC (turns out there were quite a few leaks), and prettied-up (imho) the move-to-folder dialog.

Other references:

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