Catena is a Bitcoin witnessing scheme that prevents online services from equivocating to their clients (old code, see new code on website)
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Catena: Preventing Lies with Bitcoin

Catena can be used by any service or application who wants to prove a linear history of statements to its clients.

How to run on Linux

First, install Maven:

sudo apt-get install maven

If you're on Mac OS X, download the Bitcoin source code from GitHub to ~/repos/bitcoin/ (you can change if you want to choose a different directory) and compile the bitcoind binary using instructions in doc/

Then, compile Catena:

mvn compile

Then, setup your environment so that the Bitcoin-related scripts in btc-scripts/ work:


Then, run all the tests:


Then you can run a Catena server using ./ (pass in -h for help) and a Catena client using ./

Bitcoin testnet

You can play with Catena on the Bitcoin testnet network for free:

  1. Get testnet Bitcoins from a free faucet like this one:
  2. Start the server and create a root-of-trust TXN (example here)
  3. Use the server to create a config for the Catena client
  4. Launch the client with the config file and wait for the statements to arrive

Some websites: