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Spirebot is an IRC bot designed to showcase the Spire library, as well as to help faciliate discussion over Spire's design and usage.

Here is a transcript taken from #spire-math on Freenode:

14:05 < d_m> ! 34 + 35 * 9
14:05 < spirebot__> Int = 349
14:05 < d_m> ok, let's see you do something harder ;)
14:06 < d_m> ! gcd(BigInt("219853925895839582395832"), BigInt("9983988484388482848238428"))
14:06 < spirebot__> BigInt = 4
14:06 < d_m> @time (0 until 100000).toArray.sorted
14:06 < spirebot__> averaged 4.25ms over 5 runs (± 155.5µs)
14:06 < spirebot__> Array[Int] = Array(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ...
14:09 < d_m> @type (x: Int) => BigInt(x)
14:09 < spirebot__> Int => scala.math.BigInt
14:10 < d_m> ! (r"13/99" + r"24/25") * 9
14:10 < spirebot__> spire.math.Rational = 2701/275

(In case you can't tell, d_m is the human and spirebot__ is the bot.)

Spirebot Commands

Spirebot maintains a REPL for each channel that it can use to evaluate Scala and provide other useful information.

Here's a list of Spirebot commands:

  • ! EXPR: executes the given expression in the REPL
  • @type EXPR: prints the type of the given expression
  • @show EXPR: shows the AST generated by the compiler for the given expression
  • @dump EXPR: dumps the raw AST generated by the compiler for the given expression
  • @time EXPR: prints timing information for the given expression
  • @help: display a simple list of commands
  • @reload: reloads the current channel's REPL

Spirebot REPL

Spirebot bundles Spire (obviously) as well as Scalaz, Shapeless, and packages allowing interoperability between these three projects. At launch Spirebot runs the following imports:

import shapeless._
import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._
import spire.algebra._
import spire.implicits._
import spire.math._
import spire.random._

Running Spirebot

First you need to assemble Spirebot's jar using sbt assembly. After that you should have a (huge) jar file containing all the classes Spirebot needs at target/scala-2.11/spirebot-assembly-0.8.jar.

To run Spirebot, run:

java -Dnick=spirebot -Downers=d_m -Dchannels='#spire-math' -cp target/scala-2.11/spirebot-assembly-0.8.jar spirebot.Spirebot

You can use Java properties to configure:

  • nick (the name the bot presents in channels)
  • owners (comma-separated list of users with special powers)
  • channels (the IRC channels to join on startup)
  • server (the IRC server to connect to, e.g.
  • port (the IRC server's port to connect to, e.g. 6667)
  • password (an optional password to send the IRC server)

Make sure to use single-quotes to escape IRC channel names from the shell.

Deploying Spirebot

You should be able to run the assembled jar anywhere that has Java. If you want to use the included compiler plugins (currently just kind-projector) you'll need to copy the plugins directory as well, and make sure it's in the same directory as the jar.

You'll want to make sure your environment can handle UTF-8. You may need to add something like -Dsun.jnu.encoding=UTF-8 -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 to the parameters you pass Java, and/or set up a unicode-aware locale, like:


The script that is included should set up all necessary environment variables, properties, etc. to run Spirebot in UTF-8 mode.


There are huge risks to running an IRC bot! Ideally Spirebot would be run in a VM or chrooted environment, where no important files could be accessed or deleted. Even so, users will be able to use Spirebot to create files, send traffic to other services, and do anything else a Scala program could do.

Spirebot is provided as-is and does not have any kind of warranty. The Scala compiler is a tricky place and I'm sure Spirebot has bugs. Do not run Spirebot unless you understand the risks and are willing to assume responsibility for the bot's actions (as commanded by the denizens of IRC).

Copyright and License

Spirebot is available to you under the MIT license.

Spirebot is based on MultiBot, by Marcin Mielżyński (lopex), which is also under the MIT license.

Spire is included under the MIT license.

Scalaz is included under the BSD-2 license, and is copyright its authors.

Shapeless is included under the Apache license, and is copyright Miles Sabin and contributors.

Interoperability code between Shapeless, Scalaz, and Spire is included under the MIT license, and is copyright Lars Hupel.

Apart from Multibot, Spirebot itself is copyright Erik Osheim, 2013.