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Quickstart template for the Mashroom Server, an Integration Platform for Microfrontends

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Mashroom Quickstart

Quickstart template for Mashroom Server, an Integration Platform for Microfrontends.

This template demonstrates the seamless integration of two different (standalone) express webapps. One webapp is publicly available, one requires authentication. Both share the same session.

If you're interested in the Mashroom Portal and the integration of single page applications, check out:


  • Node.js >= 18

Start the server

  • npm install
  • npm start

Open http://localhost:6060 in your browser.

Available users:

  • john/john
  • admin/admin

If you start the server without NODE_ENV set it will be in development mode and automatically detect changes in the plugin-packages folder and hot reload plugins.


To run the server within a docker container:

npm run docker:create-image
npm run docker:start

Production hints

To run the server in cluster mode you can start it with PM2 like so:

NODE_ENV=production pm2 start ./mashroom-starter -i max


There is a set of configuration files for development and production in the config folder.

  • Server config: mashroom.json
  • Log4js config: log4js.json or log4js.js
  • URL pattern based access control: acl.json
  • Users for simple security provider: users.json


This quickstart template consists of two Express webapps with different template engines.

Adding new Plugins

All modules added to the plugin-packages folder are scanned automatically.

You can also add plugins as dependencies in the root package.json. In that case you have to add the path to the installed package (in node_modules) to the pluginPackageFolders in mashroom.json.


All plugins can be developed standalone:

  • Webapp 1: Run npm run dev in the webapp1 folder
  • Webapp 2: Run npm run dev in the webapp2 folder and open http://localhost:6060


Quickstart template for the Mashroom Server, an Integration Platform for Microfrontends






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