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Noncesense Research Lab

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  1. archival_network archival_network Public

    Investigating the frequency of alternative blocks, reorganizations, potential double-spend attacks, selfish mining, and more.

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  2. Blockchain_big_bang Blockchain_big_bang Public

    Studying the upper bound on allowed block size increases under the current dynamic algorithm.

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  3. nonce_distribution nonce_distribution Public

    Visualization and analysis of winning nonces on the blockchain reveals several distinct unique search strategies. Repo contains notebook for Mitchell's "noncesense" Hackernoon article: https://tiny…

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  4. xmr_volume_anomaly xmr_volume_anomaly Public

    Code for "Fingerprinting a flood: forensic statistical analysis of the mid-2021 Monero transaction volume anomaly" by Isthmus (Mitchell P. Krawiec-Thayer), Neptune, Rucknium, Jberman, Carrington

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  5. Konferenco2019 Konferenco2019 Public

    Code and slides for "Visualizing Monero: A figure is worth a thousand logs"

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  6. tx_in_out_distribution tx_in_out_distribution Public

    Extracting transaction input & output distributions. (Data lead: Neptune Research, Analysis: SuraeNoether)

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