Students learn better, show better, achieve better
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*This project is codenamed I-Am-The-Resume*

Mission: To make Student learn better, show better, achieve better


1) Students learn better:
    By Building an *Open Platform*, where:
        Rich ideas/questions can be raised and answered
        Rich discussions around those ideas happen
        Discover brilliant people
        Discover brilliant opportunities
2) Students show better:
    By Building a rich *Branding Platform*, where:
        There is no need to build a Resume by hand
        Real Skills are shown to the world
        You tend to see him/her in, not just in single dimension, 
            but in Multi-Dimensions

3) Students achieve better:
    By Building a *Working Platform*, where:
        Tasks related to their interests/academics are picked
        Improve the confidence levels by finishing Tasks
        Improving self-branding by showing that you are achiever
        Notes related to any Task/Class-room Lesson/A discussion
            are stored online(and permanent)

    1) Authentication System (for Students basically)
        Simple Signup-Login (Done)
        One click Viral-Inviting System (Pending)

    2) Discussion/Q&A System (Pending)
        Raise a Question
        Answer a Question

    3) Profile/Automagic-Resume System (Pending)

    4) Task System (In-Progress)
        Able to pick tasks based on Complexity
        Submit solutions to the tasks

    5) Aggregating System (Pending)
        For Reports/Groups
            Top Students in XYZ college
            Top Students in Bangalore
            Top Students in Python

    6) Rewarding System (Pending)
        (Cumulative) Scoring system based on Tasks picked & solved over 
            the course of time
        Lock-Unlock stuff
            In beta period, everything is unlocked
            In alpha:
                A student contact a company person if he/she gets X points only

    7) Companies System (Pending)