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1 parent 549b1fd commit 6089b6741a186e1e5d626e8f9c105a5db2362660 @n1k0 n1k0 committed Feb 7, 2011
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<a href="{{username}}/{{name}}">{{name}}</a>
- <h3>Creator & Owner</h3>
+ <h3>Creator &amp; Owner</h3>
<h4>{{since}} - {{now}}</h4>
<p>This repository has {{watchers}} watcher(s) and {{forks}} fork(s). If you would like more information about this repository and my contributed code, please visit <a href="{{username}}/{{name}}">the repo</a> on Github.</p>

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