CitiBike NYC Tools and Apps

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In leu of an official CitiBike open data portal. Citizens are building their own open data systems. This is a collection of official and unofficial CitiBike NYC apps or tools. ( On Bike Share data tools and visualizations you will find a collection of other bike share tools and apps. A majority of them are open source. )

Citibike Citizen Built Tools

NYC Government or Bike Share NYC LLC Data Feeds

CitiBike Mobile apps

  • Official CitiBike App (iOS)
  • Bicyclette by Nicolas Bouilleaud (iOS)
  • NYC BikeShare by Pliable Matter (iOS)
  • Spotcycle by 8D Technologies (iOS)
  • CycleFinder by PBSC Urban Solutions (iOS)
  • NYC Bike Plus App by Fabrizio Giordano (HTML5)
  • WideWorld Route Planner by Brandon Martin-Anderson (Android)

BikeNYC apps

Safety Data

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