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#pragma once
#include "IReceiver.h"
#include <vector>
#include <cstdint>
enum class StreamType {
None, Text, Binary
class Receiver : public IReceiver {
ICallback* _callback;
StreamType _activeStreamType;
std::vector<char> _packet;
uint32_t _bytesRead;
uint32_t _binaryLeft;
uint32_t _binaryHeaderLeft;
void reset();
const char* receiveBinary(const char* data, unsigned int& size);
const char* receiveText(const char* data, unsigned int& size);
Receiver(Receiver const&) = delete;
Receiver& operator==(Receiver const&) = delete;
explicit Receiver(ICallback* callback);
virtual void Receive(const char *data, unsigned int size) override;
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