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TextMate bundle for highlighting merge conflict markers
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TextMate Bundle for highlighting merge conflict markers

This bundle defines a simple injection grammar to highlight merge conflict markers across all filetypes.


The bundle is included in TextMate's bundle index, so just go to Preferences → Bundles and make sure “Merge Markers” is selected.

If you want to install the bundle manually, use the following:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Avian/Bundles
git clone


Lines containing a merge marker will get the scope comment.merge-marker applied, so they will be styled like comments out of the box. To customize their appearance just edit your theme to include specific highlighting settings for comment.merge-marker or the following, even more specific scopes:

  • <<<<<<<comment.merge-marker.yours
  • |||||||comment.merge-marker.original
  • =======comment.merge-marker.theirs
  • >>>>>>>comment.merge-marker.end
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