Experimenting on payment API design
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JS Payment APIs

Some experimental stuff trying out how really simple payment APIs could look like - natively provided by a browser

Note: At this point the project is pretty much in research state. There are a lot of areas which we need to dive in and the main concern right now is to define a set of very usable APIs, and progressivly start worrying about security.

Proposed APIs


* payment.supports(obj, callb)

  Checks whether user has stored credentials for a certain payment gateway (e.g. PayPal)

  • payment.make(obj, callb)

    Makes payment to payment provider.

  • payment.made(obj, callb)

    Checked whether payment to payment provider has been made

  • payment.subscribe(obj, callb)

    Makes recurring payment to payment provider

  • payment.subscribed(obj, callb)

    Checks whether recurring payment to payment provider has been made

  • payment.redeem(obj, callb)

    Redeems payment voucher