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I2P Chat AKA I2P Qt Messenger

Updates now go here has new important fixes

Note: this repo is being eventually migrated to which should be considered as the main. This repo is deprecated.


How to run it

You need to enable SAM in your router on java i2p configclients page or i2pd's i2pd.conf [sam] section to make I2P Chat work over your I2P router.

Security measures

Since version 0.3.1

When building this, make sure you do not define DEBUGLOGGING. If you do define it, the app will log debug info (which includes all chat messages) to configdir/DebugLog.txt if set DebugLogging to true in General group in the app's configuration. See main.cpp and form_settingsgui.cpp for more details on DEBUGLOGGING. All versions < 0.3.1 are affected by this and are less secure.

Project status, news and history

Project status

Now the development was resumed by Hypnosis-i2p and R4SAS, with a lot more folks as testers & bugs+issues reporters.

Current news

5 Jan, 2017: Original repo at http://git.repo.i2p/w/I2P-Messenger-QT.git was fully merged here.


Past. Original developer of this messenger went away.

Present. Hypnosis is continuing his work and the work of I2P folks (of Echelon, KYTV et al); the work is being done in a very low priority mode.


The license of this software is GPLv2.

Build instructions

  • Install prerequisites:
sudo apt-get install qt5-qmake qt5-default build-essential libqt5multimedia5 qtmultimedia5-dev
  • Run qmake for either release:
qmake "CONFIG += release"

or for debug:

qmake "CONFIG += debug"
  • And after that,
make -j$(nproc)

or simply


Old files and sites

List of relevant repositories

I created two repos:


[1] http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?p=11071#11071 (link is obsolete; forum is down since long ago)

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