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Analogical watch which used decimal time instead of normal 12-hours time
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Decimal DateTime for Android and iOS

Analogical watch for Android and iOS, based on Xamarin Forms, which shows instead of the normal 12 hours/60 minutes a "revolutionary" decimal time.


In memory of Alessandro Candelari, aka Pallettaro

This project was originally developed by Alessandro Candelari, a friend of mine who passed away in June 2017. For a while we helped him with some other friends, but as often happened with Ale, after some weeks of working he abandoned everything because he lost interest in it... I truly believe that it's a pity to waste a so brilliant idea and quite good job, so I decided to keep the project alive.


Decimal time

Decimal time was introduced in France a few years after the revolution of 1789, and for a while it replaced the normal way of measuring the time. With decimal time a day is divided in ten hours, each one made by 100 minutes and a minute is divided in 100 seconds. So a second is a bit faster because in a day there are 100000 seconds (10 x 100 x 100) instead of 86400 (24 x 60 x 60).

More info about decimal time.

French republican calendar

To be fully revolutionary this watch converts also the current date in the French republican calendar, a calendar intruduced in France after the revolution. With this calendar every month is 30 days long, and every week 10 days long. In a year there are still 12 months, but there is also a much shorter 13th month used to "complete" the year.

More info about republican calendar.

NuGet library

All the logic behing the clock is a library you can download from NuGet.

More info here:

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