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= Troll'o'meter =
Happy troll hunting with this competition grade Trollometer.
This Trollometer will indicate whether a web page is trolliferous or not !
The higher the score, the better chances are a troll is hiding there.
The score should appear as a bar on the top of the page green is good. Red is bad.
== Install ==
To install the Trollometer you'll need the following debian packages
# aptitude install python-lxml python-dev python-pycurl python-simplejson
# easy_install setuptools pycurl== simplejson
# pip install lxml
Then you should install tornado
$ git clone git://
$ cd tornado
$ python build
# python install
and python-daemon (for os x ignore the setup tools already done):
# aptitude install setuptools
$ wget ''
$ tar xvzf python-daemon-1.5.1.tar.gz
$ cd python-daemon-1.5.1/
$ python build
# python install
You can now launch the Trollometer
$ ./trollometre 8000
Which should be accessible here: http://localhost:8000/
If you would like to run it publicly accessible you can proxify it behind:
nginx - The doc/nginx.conf file is an example of a
Proxified configuration for the requests from nginx to the Trollometer.
If you don't have ngins running you can always you good olf apache2 with the
mod_proxy_balancer. You can find an example vhost configuration file under:
== Contributors ==
Ori Pekelman
== Credits ==
Copyright (c) 2009 Bruno Michel <>
Licence GNU AGPL V3+
Favicon and logo from
ChunckFive font from hosted by Bearstech