Write some slides in markdown, choose a style and slide'em up displays them in HTML5.
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Slide'em up

Slide'em up is a presentation tool. You write some slides in markdown, choose a style and it displays it in HTML5. With a browser in full-screen, you can make amazing presentations!

How to do your first presentation with Slide'em up?

  1. Install slide-em-up: gem install slide-em-up

  2. Create a directory for your presentation: mkdir foobar && cd foobar

  3. Create a section for your slides: mkdir main

  4. Write some slides: vim main/slides.md

    # My First slide #
    It's awesome
    # My second slide #
    This rocks too!
  5. Write the presentation.json file with the metadata:

      "title": "My first presentation",
      "theme": "CSSS",
      "duration": 20,
      "sections": {
          "main": "Title of my main section"
  6. Launch the tool: slide-em-up

  7. Open your browser on http://localhost:9000/

  8. Use the arrows keys to navigate between the slides


Several themes are available: io2012, shower, 3d_slideshow, reveal, html5rocks, CSSS and memories. To choose the theme for your presentation, edit the presentation.json file and change the "theme" element.

You can also create your own theme, for example, by copying the template:

mkdir -p ~/.slide-em-up
cp -r themes/template ~/.slide-em-up/my-theme
$EDITOR ~/.slide-em-up/my-theme/README

Markup for the slides

This slides are writen in Markdown and !SLIDE is the indicator for a new slide.


# Title of the first slide #
## A subtitle ##
And some text...

# Another slide #

* a
* bullet
* list

# Third slide #

1. **bold**
2. _italics_
3. https://github.com/

Syntax Highlighting

To highlight some code in your slides, you have to install pygments. Then, surround your code with backticks like this:

class Foobar
  def baz
    puts "Foobar says baz"

Remote Control

When your start slide-em-up in console, a message says something like:

Your remote key is 652df

This remote key can be used to send actions to browsers that display the presentation. For example, this command goes to the next line:

curl http://localhost:9000/remote/652df/next

The last part of the URL is the action and can be next, prev, up or down.

It's also possible to force slide-em-up to use a specific remote key by setting the APIKEY environment variable:

APIKEY=foobar slide-em-up

Export to PDF

You can export your presentation to PDF by installing phantomjs and then run slide-em-up2pdf.


I'm using slide-em-up for my own presentations, so you can find some real slides powered by slide-em-up on https://github.com/nono/Presentations.

For example, you can try the presentation "Welcome to the nice world of Golang" on http://blog.menfin.info/Presentations/20120709_Golang_introduction/ and see the sources of it on https://github.com/nono/Presentations/tree/master/20120709_Golang_introduction.

Issues or Suggestions

Found an issue or have a suggestion? Please report it on Github's issue tracker.

If you wants to make a pull request, please check the specs before:

bundle exec spec/slide-em-up_spec.rb


Scott Chacon is the guy who made ShowOff. Slide'em up is only a copy of ShowOff with multiple themes and sinatra replaced by Goliath.

Themes were picked from the internet. Thanks to:

  • Hakim El Hattab for 3d_slideshow and reveal
  • Google for html5rocks
  • Vadim Makeev for shower
  • Lea Verou for CSSS (and its modified version, memories)
  • Google for io2012

♡2011 by Bruno Michel. Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share. Released under the MIT license