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Nonolith Connect

This server runs in the background and manages USB communication with Nonolith devices and provides their services to clients that connect over WebSocket or REST. Multiple programs can access devices simultaneously, for example controlling a connected device with a custom script while simultaneously monitoring and collecting data with Pixelpulse.

Nonolith Connect is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+.


nonolith-connect is written in C++ and builds with scons. It needs several boost libraries: asio, system, date_time, regex, thread. It also uses libjson, websocketpp (modified branch), and libusb, which are included as subdirectories or submodules of this git repository. Note that libusb is a customized version, newer than the version found in Linux distributions. This version contains bugfixes to the async API.

Build instructions

git clone --recursive
cd connect
scons -j5

to build the nonolith-connect executable

Installation notes

This section documents the behavior of each platform's binary installers. Unless you are installing for the first time from source, these are taken care of by the installer.


The CEE's VID/PID (0x59e3:0xCEE1 and 0x59e3:0xBBBB) must be registered with WinUSB using a libwdi such as Zadig. A shortcut is placed in the Start Menu's application folder so it launches on startup.


A user and group nonolithd are created to sandbox the daemon. An init script is installed to /etc/init.d/nonolith-connect and configured to start on boot.

Place the following in /lib/udev.d/60-nonolith-connect.rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="59e3", ATTR{idProduct}=="cee1", GROUP:="nonolithd", MODE="0666"
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="59e3", ATTR{idProduct}=="bbbb", GROUP:="nonolithd", MODE="0666"

to configure the permissions of the device when attached. Restart udev after installing the rules file.

Mac OS X

A Launch Agent is installed (/Library/LaunchAgents/com.nonolith.connect.agent.plist) to launch Nonolith Connect on boot.

Command line flags

The following flags can be passed to nonolith-connect

debug - dump JSON communications to the console
allow-remote - listen on remote interfaces, rather than just localhost
allow-any-origin - disable origin checking, allowing scripts from any web page origin domain to connect

API Documentation


Lightweight server to connect web apps to USB devices






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